Selmer Mark VI 138xxx Sanborn Alto Saxophone w/Special Bow Engraving!

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For sale is an absolutely incredible dark chocolate Selmer Mark VI also saxophone serial number 138xxx in glorious original lacquer with extra special engraving down the bow!

These vintage Selmer Mark VIs age in every and anyway depending on who played them, how they were played, where they were played, how they were stored and a whole slew of other variables.

Every once in a very rare while you find what I refer to as a dark chocolate Mark VI, when the lacquer goes from that shiny lustful honey gold, and some how darkens beyond belief to the dark chocolate looking laq tonality you see here.  These horns absolutely drive me wild and players and collectors alike love them!

This saxophone is just an all around prime example of Mark VI.  This horn is a 138xxx serial which is just a few serial numbers away from David Sanborns saxohpones serial numbers!

This horn features absolutely stunning deep and elaborate Selmer hand engravings and beautiful dark original lacquer!  The engraving on this horn is A+ and the engraving looks precise and great.  This is a very very very rare collectible example of an extra engraved Mark VI.

If you look in the Selmer catalog at this time, listed openly you could purchase extra engraving on your Mark VI.

This saxophone features very very very rare US Selmer factory engraving down the bow, that surrounds the "Mark VI" engraving.  Its really very beautiful.

Did the original buyer pay extra for this?  Was the engraver just feeling him self having a great day?  Was the horn finished intended for a special player so they put that extra touch on?  Who knows exactly the why this engraving is there, but its absolutely fantastic and is awesome to have on your Mark VI to look at for the rest of time!

This saxophone is right at the cut off of when they stopped putting serial numbers on necks.  From this point on for all of Selmer history there was never a neck serial number stamped into the neck.   This being said this neck is absolutely the matching neck.  Selmer would scratch the serial number inside the neck tenon, then would scratch the last 3 serial numbers, then stopped doing that all together.

Its really very clear, I took a whole bunch of pictures, the exact matching serial number is scratched into the neck tenon clear as day!  This is the matching neck for this horn!

This horn is just all around killer piece.  The horn is great on the eyes, and is a LOUD and PROUD, velvet smooth, bright beast of a machine.  Tone wise these are some of the most sought after serial numbers for a reason, and Ive just put a mouthpiece and played this horn and was blown away!

This saxophone is being sold as used and has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, heavy patina, heavy metal wear of various colors, and other anomalies associated with such a used horn.

This horn includes a non original, non factory case.

Its really not very often a Mark VI of this caliber pops up.  The horn is a perfect storm, so  If you have been looking for a great investment piece, please do not hesitate to buy now and pay over.  I will ship ASAP upon payment! IMG_9034(2) IMG_9027(2) IMG_9025(2) IMG_9021(2) IMG_9017(2) IMG_9010(2) IMG_9009(2) IMG_9008(2) IMG_8997(1) IMG_8995(2) IMG_8992(2) IMG_8991(2) IMG_8989(2) IMG_8988(2) IMG_8973(1) IMG_8972(2) IMG_8965(2) IMG_8959(2) IMG_8958(2) IMG_8957(2) IMG_8948(2) IMG_8904(2) IMG_8900(2) IMG_8898(2) IMG_8869(2) IMG_8867(2) IMG_8865(2) IMG_8861(2) IMG_8860(2) IMG_8858(2) IMG_8857(2) IMG_8854(2) IMG_8846(2) IMG_8845(2) IMG_8844(2) IMG_8840(2) IMG_8838(2) IMG_8837(2) IMG_8836(2) IMG_8835(2) IMG_8834(2) IMG_8833(2) IMG_8832(2) IMG_8831(2) IMG_8830(2) IMG_8829(2) IMG_8828(2) IMG_8826(2) IMG_8825(2) IMG_8822(2) IMG_8819(2) IMG_8816(2) IMG_8815(2) IMG_8813(2) IMG_8811(1)

IMG_9063(2) IMG_9062(2) IMG_9061(2) IMG_9060(2) IMG_9059(2) IMG_9058(2) IMG_9057(2) IMG_9056(2) IMG_9055(2) IMG_9054(2) IMG_9053(2) IMG_9052(2) IMG_9051(2) IMG_9050(2) IMG_9049(2) IMG_9048(2) IMG_9047(2) IMG_9046(2) IMG_9045(2) IMG_9044(2) IMG_9043(2) IMG_9042(1) IMG_9041(2) IMG_9040(2) IMG_9039(2) IMG_9038(2) IMG_9037(2) IMG_9036(1) IMG_9035(2) IMG_9034(2) IMG_9033(2) IMG_9032(2) IMG_9031(2) IMG_9030(2) IMG_9029(2) IMG_9028(2) IMG_9027(2) IMG_9026(2) IMG_9025(2) IMG_9024(2) IMG_9023(2) IMG_9022(2) IMG_9021(2) IMG_9020(2) IMG_9019(2) IMG_9018(2) IMG_9017(2) IMG_9016(2) IMG_9015(2) IMG_9014(2) IMG_9013(2) IMG_9012(2) IMG_9011(2) IMG_9010(2) IMG_9009(2) IMG_9008(2) IMG_9007(2) IMG_9006(2) IMG_9005(2) IMG_9004(2) IMG_9003(2) IMG_9002(2) IMG_9001(2) IMG_8999(2) IMG_8998(2) IMG_8997(1) IMG_8996(2) IMG_8995(2) IMG_8994(2) IMG_8993(2) IMG_8992(2) IMG_8991(2) IMG_8990(2) IMG_8989(2) IMG_8988(2) IMG_8987(2) IMG_8986(2) IMG_8985(2) IMG_8984(2) IMG_8983(2) IMG_8982(2) IMG_8981(2) IMG_8980(2) IMG_8979(2) IMG_8978(2) IMG_8977(2) IMG_8976(2) IMG_8975(1) IMG_8974(1) IMG_8973(1) IMG_8972(2) IMG_8971(2) IMG_8970(2) IMG_8969(2) IMG_8968(2) IMG_8967(2) IMG_8966(2) IMG_8965(2) IMG_8964(2) IMG_8963(2) IMG_8962(2) IMG_8961(2) IMG_8960(2) IMG_8959(2) IMG_8958(2) IMG_8957(2) IMG_8956(2) IMG_8955(2) IMG_8954(2) IMG_8953(2) IMG_8952(2) IMG_8951(2) IMG_8950(2) IMG_8949(2) IMG_8948(2) IMG_8947(2) IMG_8946(2) IMG_8945(2) IMG_8944(2) IMG_8943(2) IMG_8942(2) IMG_8941(2) IMG_8940(2) IMG_8939(2) IMG_8938(2) IMG_8937(2) IMG_8936(2) IMG_8935(2) IMG_8934(2) IMG_8933(2) IMG_8932(2) IMG_8931(2) IMG_8930(2) IMG_8929(1) IMG_8928(2) IMG_8927(2) IMG_8926(2) IMG_8925(2) IMG_8924(2) IMG_8923(2) IMG_8922(2) IMG_8921(2) IMG_8920(2) IMG_8919(2) IMG_8918(2) IMG_8917(2) IMG_8916(1) IMG_8915(2) IMG_8914(2) IMG_8913(2) IMG_8912(2) IMG_8911(2) IMG_8910(2) IMG_8909(2) IMG_8908(2) IMG_8907(2) IMG_8906(2) IMG_8905(2) IMG_8904(2) IMG_8903(2) IMG_8902(2) IMG_8901(2) IMG_8900(2) IMG_8899(2) IMG_8898(2) IMG_8897(2) IMG_8896(2) IMG_8895(2) IMG_8894(2) IMG_8893(2) IMG_8892(2) IMG_8891(2) IMG_8890(2) IMG_8889(2) IMG_8888(2) IMG_8887(2) IMG_8886(2) IMG_8885(2) IMG_8884(2) IMG_8883(2) IMG_8882(2) IMG_8881(1) IMG_8880(2) IMG_8879(2) IMG_8878(2) IMG_8877(2) IMG_8876(2) IMG_8875(2) IMG_8874(2) IMG_8873(2) IMG_8871(2) IMG_8870(2) IMG_8869(2) IMG_8868(2) IMG_8867(2) IMG_8866(2) IMG_8865(2) IMG_8864(2) IMG_8863(2) IMG_8862(2) IMG_8861(2) IMG_8860(2) IMG_8859(2) IMG_8858(2) IMG_8857(2) IMG_8856(2) IMG_8855(2) IMG_8854(2) IMG_8853(2) IMG_8852(2) IMG_8851(2) IMG_8850(2) IMG_8849(2) IMG_8848(2) IMG_8847(2) IMG_8846(2) IMG_8845(2) IMG_8844(2) IMG_8843(2) IMG_8842(2) IMG_8841(2) IMG_8840(2) IMG_8839(2) IMG_8838(2) IMG_8837(2) IMG_8836(2) IMG_8835(2) IMG_8834(2) IMG_8833(2) IMG_8832(2) IMG_8831(2) IMG_8830(2) IMG_8829(2) IMG_8828(2) IMG_8827(2) IMG_8826(2) IMG_8825(2) IMG_8824(2) IMG_8823(2) IMG_8822(2) IMG_8821(2) IMG_8820(2) IMG_8819(2) IMG_8818(2) IMG_8817(2) IMG_8816(2) IMG_8815(2) IMG_8814(2) IMG_8813(2) IMG_8812(2) IMG_8811(1)