Selmer Mark VI 132xxx Tenor Saxophone HOLY MINTY LAQ!

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For sale is a stunning condition Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone with factory original lacquer and engravings!

This is an absolutely prime era Selmer Mark VI serial #132xxx with its matching #132xxx neck!

Its once in a very rare blue moon that a Mark VI of this condition comes to market.  It is just so incredibly rare to find an earlier Mark VI of this serial in such minty shape. One could search for a very long time and not find a horn this fresh.

This saxophone is indisputably original lacquer and original engravings with just the right look, color, hue, engravings, etc.

The engravings are deep to the touch and feel just like they should!

This horn has many of its factory original pads!

This horn was setup to be playing and is functioning on its current pads.  There were a couple of pads changed, however its playing on many of its original pads!

The horn has no clicks, clanks, metal on metal, loss of motion or bad mechanics.  The horn has a very nice feeling setup under the fingers!

This horn comes with its very valuable tray pack case with zipper still functioning and Selmer logo still intact!  This case retails for a huge price sold by it self.

This horn comes with a Selmer factory end plug worth a pretty penny!

This is a used antique horn and although its very expensive it has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, fleabites, metal wear of various red colors, metal wear, other random patina anomalies!

If you have been looking for a closet queen time capsule ready to play out of the box this is in amazing investment worthy horn.  Please buy and pay confidently we will ship ASAP upon payment! 


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