Selmer Mark VI 127xxx Alto Saxophone ORIG LAQ MUST SEE!

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For sale is an  incredible Selmer Mark VI serial number 127xxx  alto saxophone in glorious original lacquer!

This is horn is in absolutely jaw dropping original condition!

You do not find horns of this age in this type of condition.

The saxophone comes with its matching 127xxx serial number neck.

This horn is a prime example of an early Mark VI, not very far away from being a 5 digit! 

This horn features absolutely stunning deep and elaborate Selmer hand engravings and beautiful dark original lacquer!

This horn is sitting on many of its original pads which are very old, so although everything is opening and closing as it should Im selling this as not working.  As a collector this horn is great to go, for playing purposes please plan on bringing this to your tech for a full overhaul and pad job!

This saxophone is being sold as not and has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, patina, heavy metal wear of various red or green colors, and other anomalies associated with such a used horn. 

My main point I want to convey, while this hand is jaw dropping beautiful and original there are small patches of red metal wear patina spread through the entire horn.  I thought about cleaning off some of these red spots but figured that would be best for the new owner to decide.  If you get the horn overhaul the tech will clean the horn from the bone up and she will be even more beautiful then now!

The neck and some small dings on it pictured.  Something that if you choose to get the ovehaul the tech will easily straighten out!

This horn includes a vintage Selmer tray pack case. The case has a very nice Selmer logo on it and is worth a very pretty penny on its own!  The case shows press in and dents on the outside.

This horn included an original Selmer end cap!

Its really not very often a Mark VI of this caliber pops up.  If you have been looking for a great investment piece, please do not hesitate to buy now and pay over.  I will ship ASAP upon payment! IMG_5779(1) IMG_5775(1) IMG_5774(1) IMG_5757(1) IMG_5721(1) IMG_5720(1) IMG_5709(1) IMG_5700(1) IMG_5698 IMG_5694 IMG_5690 IMG_5607 IMG_5589 IMG_5603 IMG_5599 IMG_5595 IMG_5594 IMG_5591 IMG_5588 IMG_5587 IMG_5586 IMG_5584 IMG_5583 IMG_5575 IMG_5574 IMG_5571 IMG_5570 IMG_5569 IMG_5566 IMG_5565 IMG_5554 IMG_5552 IMG_5551 IMG_5549 IMG_5545 IMG_5538 IMG_5536 IMG_5532 IMG_5528 IMG_5527 IMG_5523 IMG_5520 IMG_5519 IMG_5517 IMG_5516 IMG_5509 IMG_5504(1) IMG_5500(1) IMG_5495(1) IMG_5493(1) IMG_5483(1) IMG_5481(1)

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