Selmer Mark VI 121xxx Tenor Saxophone Original Lacquer!

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For sale is a Selmer Mark VI 121xxx tenor saxophone with original lacquer!

This saxophone has fantastic original lacquer with ornate original engravings

While this horn is extremely special with highly desirable serial number and awesome engraving this horn has a number of problems so please read.

This horns neck should have a matching serial number however it does not have any serial number.

Once again this horns neck has NO serial number.

Is this the original neck, or is this a later replacement neck? Im not sure.

Please check out picture #12.  You can see in the area where the serial number should be there is an area of patina. 

Perhaps there was a serial number there but I cant go by what I cant see so im assuming it could be a replacement Mark VI neck purchased at a later point.

Please check out picture #10.  This horn is missing an original guard and was replaced with a non original key guard.

Please check out picture #9.  There is a secondary serial number engraved into the horn.  This secondary serial number is engraved directly above the "Mark VI" on the bowl.

While its really not ideal to have anything extra on the horn its extremely small and very low key.  Because of the way the horn has aged its actually extremely difficult to see from many angles.  The close up shows it very clearly so please be aware.

This horn is being sold as not working for parts.  This horn has just been sitting in a closet for a long time.  While the pads are not that terrible looking the horn is going to need an extensive COA clean oil adjust if not just a full overhaul and pad job if you choose.

This horn has its fair share of heavy patina, scratching, knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, metal wear of various colors, patina, and other anomalies in a very old not working horn.

If you have been looking to invest in an early Mark VI without the high ticket of a minty condition horn this is the one for you!  Please buy and pay confidently we will ship ASAP upon payment.


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