Selmer Mark VI 66xxx Tenor Saxophone

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For sale is a real deal 5 digit Selmer Mark VI Tenor saxophone with its matching serial number neck in original lacquer!!!

This is a very valuable 1956 serial #66,xxx Mark VI tenor with the very desirable American engraving!

These days it has become near impossible to locate these real deal original laq 5 digit Tenors.  There really weren't many of these horns ever made and most are swept away into players and collectors hands never to leave the family dynasty!

This horn really does that 5 digit thing just like it should.  Its really an instantly gratifying type thing which is what attracts me to these horns.

This horn is an absurd player and is everything youd want from a 5 digit.  This horn is LOUD & PROUD with a smokey, lush, focused precision fullness thats really hard to understand till you play one lick through it and instantly click oh okay wow this is a killer horn!!

Perhaps part of the reason this horn plays so great is its matching serial number neck!  The neck is def a huge influence on the tone and this is a fantastic neck.

More times then none when you find these 5 digits its so so common for there to be a problem with the neck..   Either a pickup is installed, or some kind of patch, horrible trauma, or any other number of weird things that happen to these necks.

This neck has no patches, pickups, or weird trauma and is just a proper legit 5 digit neck just as should be!

Although this saxophone is extremely rare and valuable this saxophone is still 60+ years old and has its fair share of heavy patina, scratches, knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, repair marks, laq wear, metal wear of red colors, and other anomalies associated with such an old antique.   No original case is included.

Its important to note there is a strong patina found throughout the sax.  To many people this patina is that exact vintage Selmer look they are going for.   For the pickiest of picky collectors I just want it to be said there is a strong patina! 

If you were to have your tech fully dissemble the sax and clean it from the bone up you could easily get rid of so much dirt, muck and patina to reveal a beautiful under layer!  Think about it like power washing your deck!

If you take a look at what other 5 digit tenors are available on the market right now you will see for the price this is one of the best choices if not the absolute best choice on a 5 digit tenor!

If you have been looking to invest in a Selmer 5 digit please do not hesitate to buy and pay confidently I will ship ASAP upon payment!

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