Saxworks CE Winds Dukoff Style D8 David Sanborn Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

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For sale is a Saxworks CE Winds Dukoff style D8 David Sanborn alto saxophone mouthpiece

These mouthpiece are amazing players and are sure to satisfy Dukoff lovers.

This mouthpiece was a collab between Saxworks and CE Winds to create the ultimate playing Dukoff D8 David Sanborn style clone mouthpiece.

These mouthpieces play loud and proud with that screaming Dukoff style sound just like you would imagine, except without the brittle shrillness and squakyness some Dukoffs may have.

Overall this mouthpiece is in pretty awesome condition however is being sold as used and will have various scratches, smudges, and other used marks associated with a used mouthpiece!

Please buy and pay confidently we will ship ASAP upon payment!