Reunion Blues Leather Baritone Saxophone Case fits Selmer Low A or Conn 12m

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For sale is a used Reunion Blues leather baritone saxophone case.

These cases are made to fit low A baritones.  These cases also work quite well for Conn 12m style saxophones.

These cases are made from extremely high end leather, and the construction cant be beat.  No other case holds a low A baritone in such a small footprint, while still retaining thick walls for support.

Overall the case is in pretty nice condition but please remember you are buying a used case with various scratches, scuffs, knicks, patina, used marks, etc.

Nice large strap included!

Shipping wise its important to note, this might not be the most expensive, heaviest piece but this case is still taller then a low A baritone, and it only fits into a large shipping box.  The leather and shapes structure is extremely strong and it cant really just be squished into a small box.

If you have been waiting for a Reunion Blues bari case to come to market please buy and pay confident we will ship ASAP upon payment!