Pultec Vintage 1950s EQP-1 + MEQ-5 Holy Grail Equalizers

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For sale is a matching set of vintage 1950s Pultec EQP-1 + MEQ-5!!

This is a prime example of both legendary tube EQs giving you the full spectrum Pultec EQ channel!

It really does not get better then these jaw dropping EQs to round out your studios collection!

These are original 1950s Pultecs made in West Englewood, New Jersey during the golden era.

These serial number on these pieces are exactly 70 serial numbers apart!!!  This is an extremely special thing to find on such holy grail gear from some 60 70 years of age.

Id imagine back when these were being made they were made in batches of EQP1s, MEQ5s, HLF3Cs, etc etc.  So when you find an EQP-1 & MEQ-5 that are 70 serial numbers apart, I cant help but think thats near dang as close to a factory made set as your going to find.

These pieces came to me together from a very long time owner and studio.  The EQs are fully functional and operating to absolutely perfection right now.

Both red jewels are lit up, the pots are clean, and ohhhhh my goshhhhh does this piece sound exactly as youd dream it would sound.

I have been using these extensively on bass, guitar and vocals.  All the rumors are true and the hype is very real.  These are just lovely sounding on any source I put through.

Alot of times with vintage gear there is a classic 'the grass is greener on the other side' thing that can go on.  Many times when you finally get a holy grail vintage piece you find out that its quirks maybe make it hard to use....    Im happy to report that is the opposite here.  These pieces are highly functional and have great facility.  Everything being tracked in through these just sounds great and sits perfect.

I have been using these real deal vintage Pultecs next to my UA Pultec plugins, Tube Tech EQ 1A Pultec, and Mercury Pultecs all on deck right now.  There is no doubt the vintage pultec excels in every way.

As lovely as the UA, Tube Tech and Mercury each are the vintage Pultec transforms the sound, how it vibrates, the wave form in just such a way thats hard to describe.

All of the other Pultec clones perform the proper duties and do add vibe and mojo, but ultimately lack the next level depth and brilliance that the real deal do.

These days real deal vintage Pultecs are an extremely rare and limited thing to find.  In the past year or two you can count the amount of real Pultecs that have come new to market for sale on hand.

I watch these Pultecs extremely closely and they just don't exists publicly for sale outside a very small trickle. 

Most of these vintage Pultecs are locked away into ultimate studio collections with owners that will never sell them.  Typically when these do go for sale there is a short waiting list of friends or family that get first dibs.

Simply put if these weren't such hot ticket valued so high I would be keeping them, but with the desirability of a matching set like this I have decided to list them for sale.

These pieces are being sold as used and have scratches, knicks, fleabites, rack wear, patina, metal wear and other anomalies associated with a 60 70 year old antique.  If you look at the top left rack screw spot on the face plate you can see its bent down.  Not a very big deal but worth mentioning!

Both units are ready for studio use and I couldn't be more confident the next owner is going to gush when they here there source passing through.

These are a very special find that are extremely versatile and highly functional side by side in the studio, so if you have been looking for a new toy please buy and pay confidently, I will ship ASAP upon payment!

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