Pultec MEQ-5 2x Sequential Serial Pair of Tube EQ Equalizer

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For sale is a pair of 2x Pultec MEQ-5 tube equalizers!

These are the classic Pultec MEQ-5 holy grail EQ design that is absolutely magic tracking in, mixing and on stereo bus duties!

These hand built in the USA by the Pultec company in modern day, these are not vintage.

There is no doubt these MEQ-5s are secret sauce that once you experience you wont want to ever go without.

The effect the Pultecs give is shocking.. just passing your signal through the tubes and transformers absolutely completely changed the signal and wave form giving it life and color oozing with strength and full bodied sound ready to sit perfect in your mix.

These MEQ-5 models are not standard production pieces and are sold by Pultec exclusively as MTO Made to order, custom made for each customer only when paid in full.

There were very few of these units made, and continue to be very few made.  There is no doubt these will hold there value extremely well.

If you check out alll the main dealers selling these they all have alerts that these are not in stock and need to be paid for in full, then you get a place in line for Pultec to start building them.

Pultec is a very small operation and wait times said are "usually 4-6 weeks".  But Ive heard depending on the work load that easily can turn into months on months of waiting.

I cant go on how much value there is that these are a pair together already made,, that are sequential serial numbers!

Alot of people buying these dont really think ahead, and purchase 1x total at a time.   Perhaps its there first time and arent sure if they will like it, or maybe they only have mon to purchase 1 at a go and the second at a later date.  

Reality is if your going to use these day in and day out your going to want 2x from the start.  In my opinion when spending this much money its a total waste buying only 1x unit, as when it comes down to it you get yourself stuck in a corner only able to use mono tracks, never gaining access to stereo recordings!  I find i use 2 at once the majority of the time for what I do.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get a 2x pair without months long wait from Pultec.

Im happy to announce again that the serial numbers are sequential, 1 after the other!!  These were built on the line at the same time and bought together as a pair.

There rarely ever come to market and when the do its almost always just 1x.  Guys wait around to hunt out a second 1x to make a pair...    Only then they have 2 random serial numbers, which isnt end the world but maybe not ideal.

To get these in great condition, matching serial, ready to rock no wait to to build is an awesome value.

While these are awesome condition there being sold as used and have some very small surface scratches, smudges, wear or just typical around the house use.

If you have been waiting for a pair of these to come around now is your chance.  Please buy and pay confidently we will ship out ASAP upon payment!