Otto Link Reso Chamber Tenor Sax Mouthpiece Eric Drake Reface

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For sale is an amazing play Otto Link Reso Chamber tenor saxophone mouthpiece refaced by Eric Drake!

Vintage hard rubber Otto Links are my favorite tenor pieces on the planet to play. 

Specifically Ive been playing Eric Drake refaced vintage hard rubber links for years now and think they are the best of the best.

Eric Drake is one of the greatest refacers of our time.  His work is unbelievably precise and he is a guy that really understands the dynamics of what makes a mouthpiece great.  

You will find very few Eric Drake mouthpiece on the market, because its known among players that buy his piece they just play so amazing that very few of them ever get re sold.   

Many Eric Drake fans will buy his piece play them for a very long time, IF they want something brighter or darker, they will buy an additional piece but nearly always keep the original.

This specific piece is exactly what you want from an amazing reso!

Typically Reso Chambers are known for being towards the dark side.  This specific piece is extremely bright for a reso, but it also retains this stout darker core firm base.

This is the type of tenor piece you invest on and play the rest of your life and feel extremely confident about it.

This piece was opened up to a 6* and stamped with Eric Drakes serial number and 6*.

This mouthpiece is being sold as used and has its fair share of scratches, knick, dings, fleabites, bite marks, rubber patina, and used anomalies associated with a used mouthpiece!

I have all the materials on hand to ship out your mouthpiece right away.  Please buy an PayPal confidently I will ship ASAP upon payment!