Otto Link Florida Slant Signature Tone Edge Vintage Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

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For sale is a vintage Otto Link Florida Slant Signature Tone Edge 4* tenor saxophone mouthpiece!

This is a real deal, genuine prime era NO USA Florida Slant Sig! 

This mouthpiece measures somewhere between a .78 to .82 which is a modern Otto Link #5.

This mouthpiece is the highly desirable NO USA + facing mark on the right hand side of the table variant.

The first Tone Edge Slant Sig was produced in 1950 in New York.  Otto Link then moved to Florida in 1955.  

The original New Yok & Florida Slants had the mouthpiece size on the table.  These earlier Slants are fantastic mouthpieces, but play darker with less projection.

The NO USA models with facing on the right side were only produced for a short window of time.

These middle & later era Florida Slant's play much louder, and brighter, with more projection then the earlier models.

Its very rare to find genuine authentic pieces like this for sale these days.

Most of these mouthpiece were used, abused, damaged, broken, lost, horrific condition, counterfeit reproductions, etc.

This mouthpiece is being sold as used and has strong patina, rubber wear, scratches, knicks, small dings or fleabites, ligature marks and other used marks associated with such an old, used mouthpiece that gets bite and chewed on!

This mouthpiece is not mint and was played!  That being said overall its an extremely nice piece.

Whether your looking for a Slant to collect, or looking for a fantastic piece to have refaced there's no doubt this is an excellent piece.  Please buy and pay confidently we will ship ASAP upon payment!