Otto Link Florida Double Ring WT Tenor Sax Mouthpiece **CARVED UP PROJECT**

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For sale is an extremely rare Otto Link Florida double ring WT tenor sax mouthpiece!!

This mouthpiece is being sold as NOT WORKING!

This mouthpiece has been greatly altered and modified after the factory.

This mouthpiece is NOT original!

Generally speaking these are some of the rarest mouthpieces in the Otto Link world.

Otto Link produced these double lined pieces for a very small time window and players and collectors seek them out.  

This is the "WT" stamped variant of double ring, which actually makes it even rarer.  Rather a number size stamped its WT for Wolf Tayne's signature opening and tip.

Im not exactly sure of the story on this piece.  This is how I received it.  Someone apparently wanted to conduct some kind of experiment on this piece and the table has a V like shape carved into it, somewhat similar to those Rovner V mouthpieces, or a Jody Jazz.

It will be up to you what you do with this mouthpiece!

Please buy and PayPal confidently I will ship ASAP upon payment!