Otto Link Early Babbitt Soprano Mouthpiece Eric Drake reface Josh Redman Clone

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For sale is an extremely special Otto Link Early Babbitt soprano saxophone mouthpiece refaced by master mouthpiece refacer Eric Drake to be an identical clone of Joshua Redman's soprano setup!

Wow, it really does not get any better then this soprano mouthpiece right here.  Im contemplative on even parting ways with this mouthpiece, but due to the current global climate ive decided to list her up.

This mouthpiece has a handful of really amazing things going on for it.

At the base, this is a real deal Otto Link hard rubber early babbitt EB soprano mouthpiece!  On there own these are extremely rare and sought after. 

There are many people out there selling older Otto links has early babbitts, but most of those are not real EBs, just older links which is completely different case!  Rest assure this is a real deal EB!

Beside being such an amazingly rare mouthpiece this piece is actually a #7 stamped piece which is even rare!  Ive been following these for a very long time, and if and when they come up they are typically a #5, maybe #6 but a #7 is a very hard tip to find.

Eric Drake is one of the greatest refacers of our time.  His work is unbelievably precise and he is a guy that really understands the dynamics of what makes a mouthpiece great.  

You will find very few Eric Drake mouthpiece on the market, because its known among players that buy his piece they just play so amazing that very few of them ever get re sold.   Many Eric Drake fans will buy his piece play them for a very long time, IF they want something brighter or darker, they will buy an additional piece but nearly always keep the original.

Theres a fantastic local player Ive known for close to a decade.  This player was unbelievably finicky and specific about his gear really always searching and maxing out the best pieces for him to lock down his setup.  He eventually finalized his setup and was extremely locked in and happy. 

I had always knew this mouthpiece existed and was talked about but was never a thing that would ever be buyable or or sale.  Due to a set of unfortunate circumstances the player had to sold all of his gear including this mouthpiece and another Otto Link Reso tenor refaced by Eric, which im listing now as well.

The said player back when had told me he had an amazing relationship with Eric Drake and would make trips to the San Francisco bay to have his mouthpieces worked on and such.  He had gone through a handful of mouthpieces and facings to end up with this.

One of Eric Drakes claims to fame is refacing Joshua Redman's mouthpieces.  Its been a known fact for a very long time that Josh plays vintage Otto Link pieces refaced by Eric.  

This piece was made to be a clone down to exact size and specs to Joshua Redman's Otto Link vintage EB soprano mouthpiece!

The mouthpiece plays exactly as youd imagine it would be!  Large then life tone top to bottom of the horn.

Overall im a huge fan of hard rubber vintage Otto Links and thats mainly what I play, so this is right up my alley.

This mouthpiece does it all and then some!!

I could go on trying to describe the piece, but words won't due it justice.

This mouthpiece is being sold as used and has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, fleabites, bite marks, and other anomalies associated with a used mouthpiece that was put in someones mouth!  This mouthpiece was refaced and altered after the factory!

Typically Erics mouthpieces have his personal serial number stamped into them.  As a request from the player at the time that wasn't done.  If you have ever hold Eric's work you can see the tip and baffle look spot on how all his work looks!

This is a really one of a kind special piece that money could not go out and replicate.  If this mouthpiece appeals to you, there is no way you are not going to love how this mouthpiece plays. 

This is a truly holy grail piece that the next owner will cherish for a life time.

I have all the materials on hand to ship this out.   Please buy and PayPal confidently and I will ship ASAP upon payment!