Otto Link #7* Older Super Tone Master Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece w/ " "

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For sale is an minty older vintage Otto Link #7* Super Tone Master tenor saxophone mouthpiece with Super in quotations "   "!!

This is an absolutely stunning mouthpiece.  While this mouthpiece looks near brand new, this mouthpiece is actually some 25 35 years old!

Take a look at all current production Otto Links...   For the last some 20 years there has be no quotation marks "   " around the Super.

This mouthpiece has those said quotation marks around the Super meaning this is a very early run motuhpiece!

This mouthpiece was rarely ever played and spent its entire life in a crown royal bag!

The piece is just a monster playing Otto Link with a huge tone.  Ive played this piece on my Mark VI and it does that exact Otto Link thing like you'd hope for.

This piece is being sold as used and has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, fleabites, patina, metal wear and other anomalies associated with such a used mouthpiece.

If you have been looking for an exceptional playing #7* Otto Link  this is a prime example so please do not hesitate to buy and pay confidently, I will ship ASAP upon payment!