Meyer New York Limited Edition #5 Alto Sax Mouthpiece

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For sale is a Meyer New York Limited Edition model!!!

These mouthpieces over there years have became extremely collectible and highly sought after by both collectors and players!

Back some 24 years ago in 1995 Meyer released an extremely limited number of these mouthpieces that were made to duplicate vintage Meyer New Yorks.  These pieces used a different rubber compound than current production pieces and were made in an extremely small amount.  Each piece was serial numbered.  The finish work on these mouthpiece were much nicer on these mouthpiece then any standard mouthpieces.

There are very few of these poking around at all, but the highest valued ones are the #5.  This mouthpiece is a #5 serial numbered #0324

These mouthpiece hold there value very well and play great so there a great buy!

This mouthpiece is being sold as used and has been played in someones mouth so it has its fair share of surfaces smudges, scratches, Knicks, fleabites and such associated with a used mouthpiece! There is fading of the logos and gold color on the logos as well as the #5 on the table in diamond