Martin Committee Trumpet w/ Warranty Card & Care Manuel!

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For sale is a Martin Committee Trumpet with its original case, warranty card, care manual & full electric Maestro W3 sound system and R.B. pickup!

Im selling this trumpet as not working for parts because there is a large pickup installed right on the bell. 

Once again, there is a pickup on the bell!

This trumpet was modified after the factory with a pickup system.  I have not tested the pickup system and am selling this horn as not working for parts as a great project piece!

This is a prime era Martin Committee that will be a fantastic project for someone.  Maybe there is someone who wants to keep it as is, but I would recommend professionally having the pickup removed by a great tech and having them spray laq to blend it in! 

This trumpet is not working and has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, dents, repair marks, fleabites and other anomalies  associated with a not working antique.  The lead pipe is a strong bend in it that will have to be repaired! The cases is very old and falling apart.

One more time there is a pickup on the bell!

If you have been looking for a Committee like this please dont hesitate to buy and pay now I will ship ASAP upon payment!

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