King Super 20 Silver Sonic Series II Tenor Saxophone CLOTHING GUARD

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For sale is an original King Super 20 Series II tenor saxophone clothing guard!

This is an original King factory  guard that would have gone with a Series II Super 20 from the early 300xxx to 312xxx giver or take general range.

More times then I can count when I have bought these range King Super 20s they seem to always be missing the clothing guard!

Miraculously this clothing guard exists without any matching horn.

This guard could have easily went with a Super 20 Silver Sonic full pearls tenor.

This is for a tenor sax.   You can see how large the guard is at aprox 5.5inches.

There is no doubt this is an authentic clothing guard from said era.

These pieces are very very specific with there shaping and engraving.   The engraving on these guards is different from the rest of the sax and always has this very light style of engraving similar to engraving seen on Buffet type horns.

This guard comes with NO screws.

In the hands this is a very heavy piece.  There is def some nice mass to it!

You can see in the screw holes and the backing the aging.  The piece has appropriate aging and proper marks for a piece of metal of this aging that was sitting on a sax.

You virtually will never see this piece pop up by it self for sale.   If you have a King Super 20 Silver Sonic of this age and need to complete it this is the guard for you!