King Super 20 Silver Sonic Full Pearls Alto Saxophone HOLY GRAIL

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For sale is King Super 20 Silver Sonic full pearls holy grail alto saxophone!

This is the real deal big warm fuzzy rabbit holy grail of holy grail saxophones.

This insanely rare King Super 20 Silver Sonic w/full pearls is a 1950 made series II horn!

The horn is just an incredible find...  These horns are some of the rarest of the rare, most sought after, unobtainable horns out there.  Theres rumored only 200 to 300 of these ever made.  Cannonball Adderley was famous for playing one of these and they are known as the top of the pyramid of King horns.

While you can find King Silver Sonics floating around which even those are so extremely rare, or you can find King Full pearl models around its that addition of the King Super 20 Silver Sonic + having full pearls that just makes this such an incredible find of King sax history.

I have gone a decade + of hard core looking for vintage horns every single day full time and this is the very first one of these Ive ever been able to actually buy and own.  To say these horns are rare is just such an understatement.  Compared to the rarest of the rare Selmer  its still not any kinda valid comparison compared to finding one of these guys.  Its some serious needle in a haystack business!

This horn is a Series II 1950 made horn which makes this even more desirable then some of the other ones floating around!

The King Super 20 was an evolving horn and there were full pearl silver sonics that were made during the Series I, Series 1A and series 2 Super 20s.

As a general rule when not even talking full pearl models a Series II is always going to be more valuable then a Series I or II.

The series II horns had the introduction of improved, high end, better key work and ergonomics.  The 1s and 1A on the left pinky G# table have that funky round table.  These IIs have the improved more modernized table.  This is a huge huge deal!

The triangle clothing guard in the back of the horn was changed to a more modern style rectangle clothing guard which is hand engraved.  This was among other design changes from the Series I to the II include changed neck strap holder.

Facts, in the King Super 20 collectors world an identical Series I vs IA vs II, a Series II Is always going to be more valuable.  Alot of players find the 1 and 1a uncomfortable to play and make it hard to be your main performing horn. 

Most players and collectors agree that the II is just worlds step up from the I and because of that it always sells for more, always a quicker sale, always more desirable.

Most of the full pearl horns you ever find are going to be Series 1 or 1A, its extremely rare to find a full pearl silver sonic in a Series II and this is that horn!

This saxophone actually comes from a very well documented serial series.  I know for a fact King was making Silver Sonic full pearls this very day and week in 1950.  I personally know and my eyes have seen a rather minty full pearl silver sonic that sold a couple of years ago that was exactly 8 digits apart from this serial number.  These horns were made in very small batches and when I compared serial numbers I was shocked to see how close it was to this known amazing horn.

This horn is currently being sold as not working and the horn has its fair share of scratches, knicks, fleabites, metal wear, patina and other anomalies associated with a not working 70 year old saxophone.  This sax does not come with a matching King case.  This is an older case but I see no King logo anywhere on it.

As beautiful as this horn is, this horn is most likely a relaq re lacquered horn after the factory.

Once again this horn is a relaq.

Ive been contacted by multiple 'guru' level sax guys that have weighed in telling me this is a King factory restoration job.  Apparently back when you could send your King Super 20 directly to the King factory for a full pad job.  At that time you would have options you could get done to the horn which would be fresh laq, and the additional of plated key work.

After staring at this horn and seeing just how perfect and beautiful the engraving on the bell is I was trying to piece together what was actually done to the horn.  This is a perfect answer.  King produces the horn, of course they could easily take it apart and restore it just perfect.  So the laq on this horn would be the same King factory laq clear coat Super 20's got. 

This horn has had the keys silver plated or nickel plated key work!

The horn is currently missing 2 key guards on Eb and C.  You can see one of the feet is missing exposing a weld mark.  All of the other feet are still attached.  I recommend Mike Sax Stuff UK he's being making absolutely perfection faithful copies of King Super 20 key guards for years.  It will cost next to nothing to buy 2x replacement guy guards that are going to look amazing in exact dementions as should be.

This horn is absolutely beautiful head to toe.   The bell & money shot is dead on with this horn.  The engraving is over the top elaborate floral engraving with great detail.  To the eye the engraving looks exactly as it should be.  To the touch the engraving is deep and coarse just as should be.

Im sure some of you may ask, is this real? Is this fake? This such an incredibly horn whats the chances ?  I would like to squash any concern , this horn is 100% authentic King Full pearl Silver Sonic.

I have sent pictures of the horn out to a few experts in our field that are known King Super 20 guys who have owned these horns to help get a feel for other options.  The body on the horn may be a relaq, but the horn is just right on.   The bell says "Silver Sonic" engraved on it, and has "solid sterling silver" stamped on it.  You can not just engrave the horn and stamp it after the factory and have it look like this.  This bell looks perfect.  When you come later bells to this, there are some subtle differences and this bell looks perfect.   The real wammy is knowing for a fact that ive seen a minty condition full pearl silver sonic 8 serial numbers away from this horn. 

These horns were made in extremely small batches during a weeks time.  Actually being able to see said minty horn 8 serial numbers away with my own eyes in highly detailed pictures is great proof that the exact run and serial range and day they were making these.

The 24k gold plated bell is in awesome condition.  The gold plate is blinging loud and bright and pops to the eye!

The engraving on this horn is just so gorgeous.  Even if the horn has been relaqd its this combo of amazing fidelity on the engraving and 24k bell that really make the horn pop.  Perhaps the bell was never relaqd.  Perhaps the horn was taken apart, the keys were silvered and jut the body tube was laqd? 

All in all its been years since an authentic alto King super 20 silver sonic has made it to market.  If these things ever come around usually there being sold by original owners and are swooped into collections near dang instantly being bought off horrible pictures in any condition horn that can be found.

Please look at all of the pictures and really know what your buying.  This horn is alot of money and I want to make sure the next owner is very happy with it.  This horn is going to need a setup, its a relaq, its silver keys, a cracked pearl, and is missing 2 key guards.

If you have been dreaming of owning a full pearl silver sonic now is that chance!

This horn will sell, and im sure its going to sell rather quick.

Once this horn is gone, thats it, its a wrap gone for ever so please do not hesitate to buy and pay confidently.


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