King Super 20 Silver Sonic Full Pearl Gold Plate Inlay Alto Saxophone HOLY GRAIL

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For sale is King Super 20 Silver Sonic full pearl alto saxophone with gold plated inlay!

This is the real deal big warm fuzzy rabbit that is the true holy grail of saxophones! 

This is a prime golden era serial #308xxx with its matching #308xxx neck!

The horn is just an incredible find.  This horn is a piece of saxophone history and transcends to a historical piece of music Americana.

These horns are some of the rarest of the rare, most sought after, unobtainable saxophones out there.  Theres rumored potentially only 200 to 300 of these ever produced and they just dont exist in the wild.

This horn is just right.  Everything about this horn is right.  All of the key guards, clothing guard, neck its all intact.  The engraving is right, the gold inlay is right, the gold plate/laq spray over the top is highly intact around the horn.  The pearls are just right, with no cracks or problems!

Of course this horn has patina and use marks but the overall condition and state of the horn is better then what does come around.

Its truly extremely rare for a full pearl Silver Sonic to come to market.   If one does come for sale typically they almost always have some kind of missing part or problem.  The King key guards and clothing guards always have away of going missing, the pearls can crack or go missing, these horns can grow extreme patina and can get trashed looking very quickly.    So when you factor the overall condition of this horn and all of the elements this horn the picture starts to become clear how very special of a piece this is!

This is one of those horn that pictures just dont do it justice.  In the hands the various design elements of solid silver, gold inlay, engraving, saxophone design, the two tone nature of the silvers and golds just flicker and shine bright to the eyes under the lights/sun in a way thats highly satisfying.

This horn is a Series II 1950 made horn which makes this even more desirable then some of the earlier silver sonic full pearls floating around!

The King Super 20 was an evolving horn and there were full pearl silver sonics that were made during the Series I, Series 1A and series 2 Super 20s.

As a general rule even when not  talking full pearl models a Series II is always going to be more valuable then a Series I or II.

The series II horns had the introduction of improved, high end, better key work and ergonomics.  The 1s andthat 1A on the left pinky G# table have that funky round table.  These IIs have the improved more modernized table.  This is a huge huge deal as its just better playing!

The triangle clothing guard in the back of the horn was changed to a more modern style rectangle clothing guard which is hand engraved.  This was among other design changes from the Series I to the II such as changed neck strap holder.

Most of the full pearl that have popped up seem to be Series 1 or 1A, its extremely rare to find a full pearl silver sonic in a Series II like this horn.

This horn is currently being sold as not working and the horn has its fair share of scratches, knicks, fleabites, metal wear, patina and other anomalies associated with a not working 70 year old saxophone.

Fact is the horn is sitting on very old, if not the original factory pads.  The horn is absolutely playable and feels pretty good, but its never going to play like a fully overhauled brand new pad job.

This horn comes an extremely special vintage King case.  This is not the case we got with the sax.  The sax came with a random no brand case so we have sourced and paired this case for the horn.  The case has its original key with it still!

This horn does come with its matching metal end plug!

This horn has matching serial number body & neck.

If you have been dreaming of owning a full pearl silver sonic now is that chance!  This is a once in a life time, dream opportunity and once this horn is gone, thats it, its a wrap gone with the wind for ever, so please buy and pay confidently, we will ship ASAP upon payment!

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