King Super 20 Silver Sonic Cleveland Tenor Saxophone

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For sale is an absolutely gorgeous collectors condition King Super 20 Silver Sonic tenor saxophone with its original factory case, original bill of sale, solid silver bell & gold plated inner bell!

This is a prime example Cleveland made sax serial number 394xxx!  It does not get any better then this  falling right in the most desirable range possible for a King!

The Super 20s were always evolving through the many phases and this was its most evolved form prior to the downfall of King.  After this version of the Super 20 King moved from the Cleveland factory to the East Lake factory and started dumbing down the Super 20 turning into into a more affordable choice.

This horn was just overhauled with a  full new set of pads.  This horn literally has 0 play time and it will be up to you to break in these pads! 

This horn has no clicks, clanks or metal on metal.  This horn has everything opening and closing just as should be! 

This saxophone comes with its original factory crocodile tolex leather lined tripack case!  This is an extremely rare and valuable case in fantastic shape. The case it self is quiet possibly the heaviest case ive ever felt and is a solid 20 pounds!  The cases storage section door is ripped off.  These cases by them self sell for quite a lot of money!

Its extremely rare to find a King Super 20 Silver Sonic in original condition like this.  Kings seem to patina and age more then some other brands so its very common to find Super 20s is very aged shape.  This horn is in better condition then most students horns!

This horn is a Silver Sonic so the entire bell and neck are actually pure solid sterling silver!  Any horns with pure silver add a tonal characteristics that really helps to achieve a large then life big, bad and bold  tone that really vibrates under your fingers like no other horn can!

This horns bell has an actual gold plated bell inner wash.  Its gorgeous gold plating and the inside bell is bright and blinging gold.

Although this horn is extremely valuable and overall is in fantastic condition you are buying this horn as used and it has its fair share of scratches, knicks, fleabites, metal wear, tarnish and other anomalies associated with an almost 60 year old antique! 

If you have been waiting for the right King Super 20 to come around I couldn't think of a better horn to invest in.  It doesn't get much better then this mythological unicorn of a King!

Please do not hesitate to buy and pay over I will ship ASAP upon payment!

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