King Super 20 Silver Sonic Cleveland Alto Saxophone TIME CAPSULE HOLY GRAIL

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For sale is a closet queen time capsule King Super 20 Silver Sonic alto saxophone with its original factory case, original bill of sale, solid silver bell & gold plated inner bell!

This is a prime example collections condition Cleveland made saxophone with serial number 390xxx! 

This horn is being sold as used and has various scratches, knicks, dings, fleabites, metal wear, etc.

If you have been looking for a Silver Sonic its rare horns come in this condition.  Please buy and pay confidently we will ship ASAP upon payment!

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IMG_0127(3) IMG_0126(3) IMG_0125(3) IMG_0124(3) IMG_0123(3) IMG_0122(3) IMG_0121(3) IMG_0120(3) IMG_0119(3) IMG_0118(3) IMG_0117(3) IMG_0116(3) IMG_0115(3) IMG_0114(3) IMG_0113(3) IMG_0112(3) IMG_0111(3) IMG_0110(3) IMG_0109(3) IMG_0108(3) IMG_0107(3) IMG_0106(3) IMG_0105(3) IMG_0104(3) IMG_0103(3) IMG_0102(3) IMG_0101(3) IMG_0100(3) IMG_0099(3) IMG_0098(3) IMG_0097(4) IMG_0095(4) IMG_0094(4) IMG_0093(4) IMG_0092(4) IMG_0091(4) IMG_0090(4) IMG_0089(4) IMG_0088(4) IMG_0087(4) IMG_0086(4) IMG_0085(4) IMG_0084(4) IMG_0083(4) IMG_0082(4) IMG_0081(4) IMG_0080(4) IMG_0079(4) IMG_0078(4) IMG_0077(4) IMG_0076(4) IMG_0075(4) IMG_0074(4) IMG_0073(1) IMG_0072(1) IMG_0069(4) IMG_0071(4) IMG_0070(4) IMG_0068(4) IMG_0067(4) IMG_0066(4) IMG_0065(4) IMG_0064(4) IMG_0063(4) IMG_0061(4) IMG_0062(3) IMG_0060(4) IMG_0059(4) IMG_0058(4) IMG_0057(4) IMG_0056(4) IMG_0055(4) IMG_0054(4) IMG_0053(4) IMG_0051(4) IMG_0050(4) IMG_0047(4) IMG_0049(4) IMG_0048(4) IMG_0046(4) IMG_0045(4) IMG_0044(4) IMG_0043(4) 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