King Super 20 Silver Sonic 379xxx Cleveland Alto Saxophone w/ GOLD PLATE INLAY!

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For sale is a beautiful King Super 20 Silver Sonic alto saxophone with extremely rare gold plate inlay!

This horn is a prime Cleveland King serial #379,xxx with its metal end plug, key & factory case!

This horn is being sold as used and has its fair share of various scratches, knicks, dings, fleabites, metal wear, patina, repair marks and other anomalies associated with an old used antique sax!

There are few Cleveland gold inlay Silver Sonics that ever come to market so please buy and pay confidently we will ship ASAP upon payment!

IMG_5299(3) IMG_5298(3) IMG_5295(3) IMG_5294(3) IMG_5285(3) IMG_5268(2) IMG_5251(2) IMG_5244(2) IMG_5235(1) IMG_5234(1) IMG_5210(1) IMG_5208(1) IMG_5202(1) IMG_5196(1) IMG_5194(1) IMG_5166(1) IMG_5164(1) IMG_5160(1) IMG_5158(1) IMG_5155(1) IMG_5127(1) IMG_5121(2) IMG_5120(2) IMG_5119(2) IMG_5114(2) IMG_5113(2) IMG_5111(2) IMG_5110(2) IMG_5102(2) IMG_5100(2) IMG_5099(2) IMG_5098(2) IMG_5086(3) IMG_5084(3) IMG_5068(4) IMG_5059(4) IMG_5058(3) IMG_5056(4) IMG_5055(4) IMG_5052(4) IMG_5041(4) IMG_5039(4) IMG_5032(4) IMG_4994(4) IMG_4984(3) IMG_4972(3) IMG_4970(3) IMG_4969(3) IMG_4968(3) IMG_4936(3) IMG_4999(4) IMG_5516(2) IMG_5515(2) IMG_5514(2) IMG_5513(2) IMG_5512(2) IMG_5511(2) IMG_5510(2) IMG_5509(2) IMG_5508(3) IMG_5507(3) IMG_5506(2) IMG_5505(2) IMG_5504(3) IMG_5503(2) IMG_5502(3) IMG_5501(3) IMG_5500(3) IMG_5499(2) IMG_5498(1) IMG_5497(2) IMG_5496(2) IMG_5495(2) IMG_5494(2) IMG_5493(2) IMG_5492(2) IMG_5491(2) IMG_5490(2) IMG_5489(2) IMG_5488(2) IMG_5487(2) IMG_5486(2) IMG_5482(2) 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IMG_5398(2) IMG_5397(2) IMG_5396(2) IMG_5395(1) IMG_5394(2) IMG_5393(2) IMG_5392(1) IMG_5391(2) IMG_5390(2) IMG_5389(1) IMG_5388(2) IMG_5387(2) IMG_5386(2) IMG_5385(2) IMG_5384(2) IMG_5383(2) IMG_5382(1) IMG_5381(2) IMG_5380(2) IMG_5379(2) IMG_5378(2) IMG_5377(2) IMG_5376(2) IMG_5375(2) IMG_5374(2) IMG_5373(2) IMG_5372(2) IMG_5371(2) IMG_5370(1) IMG_5369(2) IMG_5368(2) IMG_5367(2) IMG_5366(2) IMG_5365(2) IMG_5364(2) IMG_5363(2) IMG_5362(2) IMG_5361(2) IMG_5360(2) IMG_5359(2) IMG_5358(2) IMG_5357(2) IMG_5356(2) IMG_5355(2) IMG_5354(2) IMG_5353(2) IMG_5352(2) IMG_5351(2) IMG_5350(1) IMG_5349(1) IMG_5348(1) IMG_5347(2) IMG_5346(2) IMG_5345(2) IMG_5344(1) IMG_5343(2) IMG_5342(2) IMG_5341(2) IMG_5340(2) IMG_5339(2) IMG_5338(2) IMG_5337(2) IMG_5336(2) IMG_5335(2) IMG_5334(1) IMG_5333(2) IMG_5332(2) IMG_5331(2) IMG_5329(2) IMG_5328(2) IMG_5327(2) IMG_5326(1) IMG_5325(2) IMG_5324(2) IMG_5323(2) IMG_5322(2) IMG_5321(2) IMG_5320(2) IMG_5319(2) IMG_5318(1) IMG_5317(2) IMG_5316(1) IMG_5315(2) IMG_5314(1) IMG_5313(1) IMG_5312(2) IMG_5311(2) IMG_5310(2) IMG_5309(2) IMG_5308(2) IMG_5307(2) IMG_5306(2) IMG_5305(2) IMG_5304(2) IMG_5303(2) IMG_5302(2) IMG_5301(2) IMG_5300(2) IMG_5299(2) IMG_5298(2) IMG_5297(2) IMG_5296(2) IMG_5295(2) IMG_5294(2) IMG_5293(2) IMG_5292(2) IMG_5291(2) IMG_5290(2) IMG_5289(2) IMG_5288(2) IMG_5287(2) IMG_5286(2) IMG_5285(2) IMG_5284(2) IMG_5283(2) IMG_5281(1) IMG_5280(2) IMG_5279(2) IMG_5278(2) IMG_5277(2) IMG_5275(2) IMG_5274(2) IMG_5273(1) IMG_5272(1) IMG_5271(1) IMG_5270(1) IMG_5269(1) IMG_5268(1) IMG_5267(1) IMG_5266(1) IMG_5265(1) IMG_5264(1) IMG_5263(1) IMG_5262(1) IMG_5261(1) IMG_5260(1) IMG_5259(1) IMG_5258(1) IMG_5257(1) IMG_5256(1) IMG_5255(1) IMG_5254(1) IMG_5253(1) IMG_5252(1) IMG_5251(1) IMG_5249(1) IMG_5248(1) IMG_5247(1) IMG_5246(1) IMG_5245(1) IMG_5244(1) IMG_5243(1) IMG_5241 IMG_5240 IMG_5239 IMG_5238 IMG_5237 IMG_5236 IMG_5235 IMG_5234 IMG_5233 IMG_5232 IMG_5231 IMG_5230 IMG_5229 IMG_5228 IMG_5227 IMG_5226 IMG_5225 IMG_5224 IMG_5223 IMG_5222 IMG_5221 IMG_5220 IMG_5219 IMG_5218 IMG_5217 IMG_5216 IMG_5215 IMG_5214 IMG_5213 IMG_5212 IMG_5211 IMG_5210 IMG_5209 IMG_5208 IMG_5207 IMG_5206 IMG_5205 IMG_5204 IMG_5203 IMG_5202 IMG_5201 IMG_5200 IMG_5199 IMG_5198 IMG_5197 IMG_5196 IMG_5195 IMG_5194 IMG_5193 IMG_5192 IMG_5191 IMG_5190 IMG_5189 IMG_5188 IMG_5187 IMG_5186 IMG_5185 IMG_5184 IMG_5183 IMG_5182 IMG_5181 IMG_5180 IMG_5179 IMG_5178 IMG_5177 IMG_5176 IMG_5175 IMG_5174 IMG_5173 IMG_5172 IMG_5171 IMG_5170 IMG_5169 IMG_5168 IMG_5167 IMG_5166 IMG_5165 IMG_5164 IMG_5163 IMG_5162 IMG_5161 IMG_5160 IMG_5159 IMG_5158 IMG_5157 IMG_5156 IMG_5155 IMG_5154 IMG_5153 IMG_5152 IMG_5151 IMG_5150 IMG_5149 IMG_5148 IMG_5147 IMG_5146 IMG_5145 IMG_5144 IMG_5143 IMG_5142 IMG_5139 IMG_5138 IMG_5137 IMG_5136 IMG_5135 IMG_5134 IMG_5133 IMG_5132 IMG_5131 IMG_5130 IMG_5129 IMG_5128 IMG_5127 IMG_5126 IMG_5125(1) IMG_5124(1) IMG_5123(1) IMG_5122(1) IMG_5121(1) IMG_5120(1) IMG_5119(1) IMG_5118(1) IMG_5117(1) IMG_5116(1) IMG_5115(1) IMG_5114(1) IMG_5113(1) IMG_5112(1) IMG_5111(1) IMG_5110(1) IMG_5109(1) IMG_5108(1) IMG_5107(1) IMG_5106(1) IMG_5105(1) IMG_5104(1) IMG_5103(1) IMG_5102(1) IMG_5101(1) IMG_5100(1) IMG_5099(1) IMG_5098(1) IMG_5097(1) IMG_5096(1) IMG_5095(1) IMG_5094(1) IMG_5093(1) IMG_5092(1) IMG_5091(1) IMG_5090(1) IMG_5089(1) IMG_5088(1) IMG_5087(1) IMG_5086(2) IMG_5085(2) IMG_5084(2) IMG_5083(2) IMG_5082(2) IMG_5081(2) IMG_5080(2) IMG_5079(2) IMG_5078(3) IMG_5077(3) IMG_5076(3) IMG_5075(3) IMG_5074(3) IMG_5073(3) IMG_5072(3) IMG_5071(2) IMG_5070(3) IMG_5069(3) IMG_5068(3) IMG_5067(3) IMG_5066(3) IMG_5065(3) IMG_5064(3) IMG_5063(3) IMG_5062(3) IMG_5061(3) IMG_5060(3) IMG_5059(3) IMG_5058(2) IMG_5057(2) IMG_5056(3) IMG_5055(3) IMG_5054(3) IMG_5053(3) IMG_5052(3) IMG_5051(3) IMG_5050(3) IMG_5049(3) IMG_5048(3) IMG_5047(3) IMG_5046(3) IMG_5045(3) IMG_5044(3) IMG_5043(3) IMG_5042(3) IMG_5041(3) IMG_5040(3) IMG_5039(3) IMG_5038(3) IMG_5037(3) IMG_5036(3) IMG_5035(3) IMG_5034(3) IMG_5033(3) IMG_5032(3) IMG_5031(3) IMG_5014(3) IMG_5013(3) IMG_5011(3) IMG_5009(3) IMG_5008(3) IMG_5007(3) IMG_5006(3) IMG_5003(3) IMG_5002(3) IMG_5001(3) IMG_4999(3) IMG_4998(3) IMG_4997(3) IMG_4996(3) IMG_4995(3) IMG_4994(3) IMG_4993(3) IMG_4992(2) IMG_4991(3) IMG_4990(2) IMG_4989(3) IMG_4988(3) IMG_4987(3) IMG_4986(2) IMG_4985(2) IMG_4984(2) IMG_4983(2) IMG_4982(2) IMG_4981(2) IMG_4980(2) IMG_4979(2) IMG_4978(2) IMG_4977(2) IMG_4976(2) IMG_4975(2) IMG_4974(2) IMG_4973(2) IMG_4972(2) IMG_4971(2) IMG_4970(2) IMG_4969(2) IMG_4968(2) IMG_4967(2) IMG_4966(2) IMG_4965(2) IMG_4964(2) IMG_4963(2) IMG_4962(2) IMG_4961(2) IMG_4960(2) IMG_4959(2) IMG_4958(2) IMG_4957(2) IMG_4956(2) IMG_4955(2) IMG_4954(2) IMG_4953(2) IMG_4952(2) IMG_4951(2) IMG_4950(2) IMG_4949(2) IMG_4948(2) IMG_4947(2) IMG_4946(2) IMG_4945(2) IMG_4943(2) IMG_4942(2) IMG_4941(1) IMG_4940(2) IMG_4939(2) IMG_4938(2) IMG_4937(2) IMG_4936(2)