King Super 20 Silver Sonic 379xxx Cleveland Alto Saxophone w/ GOLD PLATE INLAY!

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For sale is a time capsule King Super 20 Silver Sonic alto saxophone with factory gold plate inlay on the engraving!

This is a prime example collectors condition Cleveland made saxophone serial number 379xxx!  It does not get any better then this falling right in the most desirable range possible for a King!

This saxophone has just come out of the shop with a brand new top to bottom overhaul and pad job.  The horn had d a new pad job with high end pads and metal resonators!

This horn is a completely factory original with gorgeous factory engravings.  The bell is 100% solid sterling silver.  The horn features gold plated inner bell as well the ultra rare and elusive gold plated engraving inlays!

Words do not exist yet to describe just how beautiful and magical this horn is in the hands!  I get to hold and play alot of truly excellent horns and theres no doubt this is up there with one of the coolest horns in the hands to just hold, check out and play!

I have been buying as many King Super 20s as I can find for a very long time and stay on the look out for these gold inlay horns and rarely ever do I see them pop up.  If they do pop once in a very blue moon they are East Lakes not Cleveland King super 20s.  As well if they do come around they are virtually never in condition like this.

This is just an impeccable horn.  You could go your whole life and probably will never ever find a Silver Sonic gold inlay like this one in this condition.  It just really doesn't get better then this!

This horn is fresh out of the shop with literally a brand new overhaul and pad job and is an absolutely killer playing horn.

The horn is setup to perfection with lighting fast action that clamps down quick but is also very delicate light to the touch.

This horn has no clicks, clanks or metal on metal.  This horn has everything opening and closing just as should be! 

Whoever ends up with this sax no doubt they are going to love how it plays!

This saxophone comes with its very valuable original factory crocodile tolex leather lined traypack case!  The case it self is quiet possibly the heaviest case ive ever felt and is a solid 20 pounds!

This case comes with its  original key of for outside latch locks!

This horn comes with its original metal end plug!

Its nearly impossible to find a King Super 20 Silver Sonic gold inlay in this condition.  I cant stress enough how desirable and sought after these horns are.  Kings patina and age more then some other brands so its very common to find Super 20s is very aged shape.  This horn is jut an anomaly how nice it is!

Although this horn is extremely valuable and is in fantastic condition this horn is still an antique and has some used marks, scratching, smudging, tarnish, metal wear and other anomalies associated with an almost 60+ year old antique! 

I wanted to mention, this saxophone has very very bright shiny lust and bling to it, this shininess in addition to my photo lights, and the curved edges of the sax make the horn very reflective to photo.  In the hands this horns silver looks thick and lush, with deep engravings.  In the photos the silver sorta looks shiny and you miss alot of the depth and color tone.  While holding the horn in my hands its 1000% more beautiful then the pictures convey!

If you have been waiting for the right King Super 20 to come around THIS IS THE ONE!  It doesn't get ANY better then this mythological unicorn of a King!

Please do not hesitate to buy and pay over I will ship ASAP upon payment!

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