King Super 20 Full Pearl Silver Neck Tenor Saxophone w/Candy - CLOSET QUEEN

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For sale is a gorgeous full pearl King Super 20 tenor saxophone with solid silver neck!

This horn comes with its factory case, case key,metal end plug, mouthpiece, ligature/cap, instrument care manual, form 236A contents inspection slip, as well its never filled out warranty card with the dealers side still attached!

This horn is a prime era King serial #308,xxx with its matching #308,xxx solid silver neck.

This horn is a total closet queen Super 20!  The horn was originally purchased brand new by a trumpet player out of Union Music in San Francisco.   That trumpet player bought this to learn sax on, and then shortly after put the horn in the closet.  The never filled out warranty card has the Union Music Co stamp.   Union music has a rich history as one of America's oldest running music stores opening in 1922!

The horn is just a beautiful condition collectors piece.   While many of these horns darken in laq, lose there laq, or age/patina in different ways, this saxophone has stood the test of time showning very little signs of aging!  This sax gives us a snap shot to exactly what it would have looked like right off the factory line!

This horn even still has its factory leather adjustment materials intact through out the horn!

As gorgeous as this this horn is this sax is still a vintage instrument being sold as used so it does have various scratches, small knicks, fleabites, metal wear, some small patina and other anomalies associated with such an old vintage instrument.

Saxophones like this do not come to market very often.  This is an extremely special piece and its unlikely to find a King sitting like this with its papers anytime soon!  If you have been looking for an investment grade King please buy and pay confidently we will ship ASAP upon payment.

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