King Super 20 290xxx Full Pearl Alto Saxophone w/ Solid Silver Neck

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For sale is a gorgeous original lacquer full pearl King Super 20 alto saxophone with solid silver neck!

This is horn is a very special prime Super 20 serial #290xxx with its matching #290xxx serial number neck.

This horn has glorious original lacquer and factory engravings with the double socket solid silver neck, full pearls, triple ring neck strap hook all in that stunning original dark chocolate King lacquer that only so often comes around!

The combination of the lush dark chocolate looking laq, the full pearls lined up and down the horn, popping silver neck, 4 key cups deeply engraved this thing is just a gem in the hands!

This horn is being sold as not working for parts category and will require a full overhaul and pad job overhaul to be a full functional gig ready saxophone.

While very beautiful this saxophone has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, patina, metal wear of various colors and patina associated with such an old used antique!

If you look very close at the finish this horn has what some people refer to as the "Sparkle Finish".  This is referring to how the horn aged after the factory.  The lacquer crazes in a way that gives off a sparkle like finish evenly though out the horn!
This saxophone comes with very valuable original case, mouthpiece, triple band ligature and metal end cap!

If you have been looking for a King Super 20 full pearl please do not hesitate to buy and pay we will ship ASAP upon payment!

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