Hiscox Tenor Saxophone Flight Case

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For sale is Hiscox tenor saxophone flight case!

Hiscox makes awesome cases with extremely hard, strong, solid outsides!

There's no debating how sturdy the actual case is and, how it actually holds the saxophone....    That being said the latches are not as good as a Walt Johnson type latch.

Specifically 1 of latches feels looser then others when you clamp it down in tight position.   Overall the case is closing and functioning just fine as there are 3 other clamps, but its def noticeable so we wanted to point this flaw out.

This case is being sold as used, and is used however is in nice condition, that being said there are still various scratches, smudges, used marks, etc.

If you have been looking for a Hiscox please buy and pay confidently, we are ready to ship out to you ASAP upon payment!