Harrison 'T G' Tenor Guardala Vintage Sax Ligature

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For sale is a real deal vintage Harrison H ligature!

These ligatures are extremely collectible and rare!

The ligature is stamped T  G  for Tenor Guardala!

This piece is made to fit a tenor guardala however it could fit other metal tenor pieces that are similar sizes.

This was actually being used on a Dukoff ALTO mouthpiece for a long time.  Those have some what of a fat body so it was a great fit.

This piece is being sold as used and is an extremely used piece with fair share of scratches, patina, original plating or laq worn off, metal wear of various colors.  Inside the H you can see a fair amount of green patina! 

Its not common for these to pop up for tenor so this is a nice piece for someone whose been looking!

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