Harrison Hurtz Vintage Gold Plate Tenor Saxophone H Ligature For Otto Link Slant

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For sale is a Harrison Hurtz gold plated T stamped tenor saxophone H ligature!

This is the prime era, real deal vintage H ligature made for hard rubber tenor saxophone mouthpieces.

Theses ligatures have become ultra collectible with many counterfeits floating around as well various modern "clone" recreations.  As a gold plated, HR tenor lig this is a very rare and collectible piece!

Typically speaking the gold plating on these ligs becomes very faded with patina to the bare brass as ligatures are handled quite a bit coming off and on the mouthpiece while coming in contact with our spit.

This ligature while used and vintage is in rather great shape with the gold still shinning bright with a beautiful sheen!

This ligature is being sold has used and does have surface scratches, fleabites, metal wear, gold plate wear, & other used marks.

Shown for fit is a 1950s Otto Link Florida slant sig. NO MOUTHPIECE Is included with the sale!

If you have been looking for a gold T stamped H lig please buy and pay confidently we will ship ASAP upon payment!