Fred Lamberson Fmaj7 Acetal Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece Otto Link Meyer Vibe

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For sale is a fantastic Fred Lamberson Fmaj7 white acetal baritone saxophone mouthpiece!

This mouthpiece is a prime example beautifully hand faced and finished Lamberson in the white acetal material mouthpiece.

In the hands these mouthpieces have nice weight to them and have a very pleasing smooth yet matte texture and feel to them.

Fred Lamberson is one of the greatest mouthpiece makers ever to live.  Fred has an extremely long history of hand making mouthpiece prior to many of the modern day mouthpiece companies that have current production mouthpiece lines.

Fred was one of the earlier mouthpiece artisans to take the "old word" classic tried and true'd vintage mouthpieces designs and experiment morphing those in with his personal advancements and designs to create a true hand made boutique mouthpiece experience. 

Important to note, while mostly all used mouthpiece have some surface scratches, these mouthpiece may specifically look like facings are scratched up, however those are the classic Lamberson hand finish markings that are present on all of his mouthpieces!

While Fred's work is right on and highly consistent no two mouthpieces are exactly the same.  There is a hand faced element that creates a snowflake like effect.   As well during the order process over the years players could give personal input to Fred to get a more custom tailored mouthpiece for those players specific wants or needs within the confines of his model.

This mouthpiece is being sold as used and does have various normal surface scratches, flea bites, teeth marks, patina marks or other used marks. 

You are buying a white mouthpiece.  While these mouthpieces are made to last a lifetime you can still pick out some white discoloration or patina.  Its not bad, but worth noting as again its a white mouthpiece!

These Lamberson mouthpieces have always been a harder thing to get hands on.  Through out the years the typical format of purchase required reaching out to Fred.  Fred would then put you on his list and after some amount of time would hopefully message you asking for your order, or saying he had a mouthpiece for you.  Availability through the years has varied.

All in all Lamberson mouthpiece are great playing pieces that a player can feel confident to own and play on.

If you have been waiting for the right Lamberson please buy and pay confidently we will ship ASAP upon payment!