Dukoff Miami D7 Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece

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For sale is an extremely vintage Dukoff D7 Miami soprano sax mouthpiece!!!

WOW this is a rare and collectible mouthpiece!

This is the prime era very nice vintage Dukoff thats for sure an older piece with the vintage “Miami, Florida” stamped into the shank.

These mouthpieces have become insanely hard to find..  Its one thing in Dukoff alto and tenor world, but finding Miami stamped Dukoff soprano pieces have become very very hard to find!

Typically even if you find a Dukoff soprano Miami piece its in a small tip size like a D5 or D6, its insanely rare to find a D7 soprano.

Kenny G has been playing a Dukoff Miami piece just like this on his soprano since day 1.  Since Kenny really is a celebrity saxophonist of his own kind there has been a huge amount of hype around these mouthpieces and thats been part of was has driven these mouthpiece up high!

This mouthpiece is being sold as USED PLAYED shape and has plenty of patina and fleabites thorough out the piece! Dukoffs are extremely soft fragile metal, because of this most times you find these pieces have various fleabites, dings, dents thorough out.  Throughout the entire mouthpiece this piece has its fair share of bite marks,, surface patina, metal wear, metal tarnish, small fleabites or knicks, dings, dents and other anomalies associated with a used vintage mouthpiece of this nature.  All of that being said this mouthpiece is a killer playing piece ready to absolutely dominate your soprano sound!

This mouthpiece is a fantastic playing piece and gives you ultimate agility and maneuverability on your soprano.  These pieces really allow ease of expressiveness, wether that means smooth and beautiful controlled tone, wispy smooth ballad, loud modern jazz funk, latin.  This piece can be insanely loud!

Since the untimely passing of Bobby Dukoff at age 93 in 2012 collectors and players have been scrambling to buy up the Dukoff market and these pieces have seriously gone up and value and become very hard to find!

Please buy and paypal confidently! I will ship out right away upon payment!
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