Dukoff Hollywood All Star Custom BD Vintage Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece w/Box & Cap!

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For sale is an unbelievable Dukoff Hollywood All Star model 4* tenor saxophone mouthpiece with its original box & cap!

This is a real deal, genuine prime era Dukoff Hollywood serial #606 with its matching serial #606 box! 

Most of these mouthpiece were used, abused, damaged, broken, lost, horrific condition, counterfeit reproductions, etc.  So its amazing to think after nearly 80 years that this original box would still be with its mouthpiece!

These Hollywood Dukoffs were only made in extremely small numbers.  There are not many of these All Star Model stamped mouthpiece ever made, or floating around these days.

Shown pictured is an advertisement for this exact stamped mouthpiece.  The ad was taken out by the famed Zimberoff music store in Hollywood California shown in a 1945 Down Beat Magazine!  This was found/provided from the Theo Wanne Mouthpiece Museum.

This mouthpiece measures somewhere between a .78 to .82 which is a modern Otto Link #5.

This mouthpiece comes with its very rare Dukoff cap & a non branded ligature.  These caps sell for a pretty penny alone!  The ligature isnt brand stamped.  Its possible the ligature was paired at the factor but probably was purchased from Zimberoff at the same time.

This mouthpiece is being sold as used and has strong patina, strong metal wear, scratches, knicks, small dings or fleabites, ligature marks and other used marks associated with such an old, used mouthpiece that gets bite and chewed on!

Although this mouthpiece has plenty of patina, its important to note how fantastic of condition this piece is and how much of a survivor it really is.

Take a look at the white bite plate.  These bite plates are extremely fragile, and are often times torn bitten up or just fully gone.

This mouthpieces bite plate shows just how little the mouthpiece was played.   When you pair that along with a nearly 80 year old matching cardboard box it truly paints a story about the piece!

While the mouthpiece is showing strong patina if you wanted this mouthpiece can be polished up, shining brought back to life.  

Whether you want a refacer to simply polish and clean the mouthpiece up, or if you go for a refacing of your choice theres no doubt this piece is going to come alive!

Whether your looking for an ultimate Dukoff collectible or a fantastic piece to have refaced there's no doubt this is an excellent piece.  Please buy and pay confidently we will ship ASAP upon payment!