King Super 20 Full Pearl Alto Saxophone Black Roo Overhaul!

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For sale is a gorgeous original lacquer full pearl King Super 20 with a complete black kangaroo leather pad overhaul!

This is horn is a prime era Super 20 serial #287xxx original lacquer example with a solid silver neck, full pearls, triple ring neck strap hook in that stunning original dark chocolate King lacquer that only so often comes around!

This horn is a seriously beautiful horn with indisputable original lacquer and original ornate factory hand engravings!  The combination of the lush dark chocolate looking laq, the full pearls lined up and down the horn, popping silver neck, black roo pads, 4 key cups engraved this thing is just a gem in the hands!

This horn is fully overhauled bottom to top.  This horn has no clicks, clanks, metal on metal or loss of motion.

The horn is fully opening and closing just as should be with extremely light snappy action that clamps down hard.

This horn was overhauled with black kangaroo pads with high end metal domed resonators!  All of the corks and materials are in nice condition.

This horn is being sold as used and has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, dents, patina, repair marks, weld marks, metal wear of various red and green colors as well other anomalies associated with such an old used antique!

This horn ships with is very rare factory King case.

This horn also comes with its extremely rare factory metal end plug!

This horns neck has the matching 287xxx serial stamped into the neck!

If you have been looking for a investment grade King Super 20 please do not hesitate to buy and pay over I will ship ASAP upon payment!


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