Conn Gold Plated Transitional 6m Alto Sax w/ FULL ENGRAVED SUN GODDESS Art Deco!

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For sale is an absolutely stunning Conn transitional 6m alto saxophone with the fully engraved Sun Goddess Art Deco scene!

This horn is one of the rarest, most desirable Conn variants out of the whole fleet of Conns ever made.

For an extremely rare time at the very end of the New Wonder II run and just prior to the official kick off of the 6m model the Conn saxophones under went tons of changes and experimenting.  These transitional horns transitioned out of one model into the next.  

During this short time you could find features from both horns on these transitional horns in different combos of features and what not.

During this said time was also the extremely rare period when Conn was engraving with Art Deco style engravings!  

Centered around a Sun Goddess engraved, the bell features extremely ornate Art Deco style engraving that reaches a huge scene on the bell! This exact engraving pattern is truly one of the rarest to find.  

There is a more simpler Art Deco engraved scene that you can find...  This is not that, this is the much more ornate deluxe Art Deco scene thats truly stunning!

This exact engraving is extremely extremely rare, but if it does pop up in can come in different combinations.   Most typically this engraving pattern is found with a body that still has the split bell keys, older New Wonder II style neck and body which is less desirable...  This is not that!  

This at the very end when the horn is essentially a 6m with some funny quirky features such as the adjustable thumb rest, fancy engravings etc!

This horn is being sold as not working, for parts and will require a complete mechanical overhaul and pad job.  The pads are extremely old and not working, that being said some one took the time to do a setup on the old pads, the keywork does feel great.  

Please plan on a full pad job to make this saxophone fully functional!   Throughout this saxophone it has its fair share of scratches, Knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, repair marks, metal wear, gold plate wear of various colors, brass wear and other anomalies associated with such an old antique.  
This saxophone may have been re gold plated for a second time after the factory at one point .

There were only a few hundred of these Conns with this engraving pattern ever made.  ALL of these horns came from the Conn factory plated in gold.  

There's no question that this saxophone started out gold plated.  There is a chance at one point in its nearly 100 year life that the horn was gold plated for a second time.  Its uncertain to me if at point a tech used some kind of chemical to clean the horn, or if the horn was plated for a second time, or if it is original, so I wanted to make sure to touch on this!

On the top of the body around the neck receiver the past owner, or a past tech put some kind of material around it to potentially help the neck to seal better.  Im not sure why they did this, but im just mentioning that it exists on it.

This saxophone comes with its age appropriate purple lined Conn case.  The latch is a little weird and needs to be wiggled around to open it!

If your a Conn lover and collector its always amazing to be able to give a new home to a piece like this of this caliber.

This is the type of piece you have professionally overhauled and cherish for the rest of your life.  

These saxophones were built by hand with pride in America nearly 100 years old, and will out live us all!

This saxophone is so historically relevant and such an Iconic piece to me this saxophones crosses over from a collectible tool to make music into the realm of something that should be sitting in the Smithsonian!

Its not everyday a saxophone like this comes to market, and if one comes out of the small handful of them out there, theres always a great chance its missing a neck, has a patch over the neck, the engraved is ruined, or any other combination of things that greatly devalues these.

If you love the horn please don't hesitate to buy and PayPal over.  I will ship ASAP upon payment!

Conn Alto Saxophone 

Serial #247xxx

Gold Plated 

Extremely rare Sun Goddess Full Art Deco engraved scene!

Underslung Double Socket Neck

Adjustable Thumb Rest

Bell keys on the same side!

Conn Purple Lined Case!

Matching metal end plug!
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