Conn 6m Naked Lady Transitional Silver Alto Saxophone Very Nice!!

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For sale is a Conn Transitional 6m Naked Lady alto saxophone with its original purple lined case!!!

This is a prime example of a rolled tone holed Conn from the golden era!!

This horn is a serial 267xxx from 1935 during the incredibly rare and sought after transitional period of Conn 6ms.

This horn is either the incredibly rare factory "Finish 61: Nickel Plate" or the "Finish 31: Silver Plate"

These horns are almost exclusively found in gold lacquer, more specifically all you find a relaq re lacquered horns. 

Silver Conn naked ladys are very rare.  Traditionally when you find a silver the finish is that silk & satin, brushed matte silver/shiny silver.  This is the full bright shiny finish with no matte brushed sections which is very rare.

Ive toyed with the idea, is it at all possible the horn refinished?  Ive stared at the horn and looked at the full package and the full story tells the horn to be completely original!

The horn comes with its original very valuable purple lined case in great condition.  These cases generally get destroyed and as far as they come this one is in really great condition.

The horn has its original finger rollers.  These get cracked, go missed and get replaced..   Having them on lets us know the horn is fresh.

The horn still has some of its original Conn pads from the factory..

The engraving is deep to the touch and feels just right.

Everything put together with the condition of the horn this is the real deal full shiny Conn transitional 6m.

This horn has the very rare transitional adjustable thumb rest.

This horn has the very cool left hand palm key post thing.

This horn has the under slung neck with the double socket.

This horn is the later example of the transitional where the keys are on both side of the same sax.

This horn is being sold as not working.  To be a fully functional saxophone your going to need to get a full overhaul and pad job. This horn has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, fleabites, metal wear,  tarnish and other anomalies associated with such an old not working antique.

If you have been looking for the right Conn 6m this horn is a very special piece so please buy and pay confidently, I will ship ASAP upon payment!

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