Conn 6m Art Deco Transitional Chu Berry 245xxx Alto Saxophone w/Black Roo Pads!

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For sale is an insanely rare Conn Transitional alto saxophone with factory Art Deco engraving!

This horn is a prime example of a golden era Conn serial #245xxx with rolled tone holes!

This silver plated beauty is one of the rarest, most desirable Conn variants out of the whole fleet of Conns.

At the very end of the New Wonder II run and just prior to the official kick off of the official 6m model the Conn saxophones under went tons of changes and experimentation.  These transitional horns transitioned out of one model into the next.  

During this short time you could find features from both horns on these transitional horns in different combos of features and what not. One of the very things about this time period was the swanky art deco style engraving that were used on some horns.

These Art Deco engravings are really only seen during this slim era, collectors go absolutely nuts for these!

On occasion these will pop up however as a silver plated saxophone with this engraving and condition is really an extremely rare combination to pop up.

This saxophone was fully overhauled top to bottom in high end Music Medic black Kangaroo leather pads.  These pads will last an extremely long time and look quite nice!

This saxophone is awesome condition however is an extremely old antique and does have various scratches, Knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, repair marks, metal wear, tarnish, silver plate wear of various colors, and other anomalies associated with such an old antique.

Please check out picture #12, It appears the original owner scratched "WB" into the horn to the top left of the engraving.

This etching is extremely light and very hard to notice with the eye.   I had to get at the right angle even for it to show up on camera.

This saxophone comes with its age appropriate wood shell Conn case.  The case still has the Conn logo on the outside!  These cases are worth a pretty penny as is.

If you have been waiting for a prime Conn to invest in this is an awesome piece so please buy and pay confidently, we will ship ASAP upon payment! IMG_0211(4) IMG_0207(4) IMG_0206(4) IMG_0205(4) IMG_0204(4) IMG_0203(4) IMG_0233(4) IMG_0232(5) IMG_0231(5) IMG_0230(5) IMG_0229(5) IMG_0228(5) IMG_0227(5) IMG_0226(5) IMG_0225(5) IMG_0224(5) IMG_0223(5) IMG_0222(5) IMG_0221(5) IMG_0220(5) IMG_0219(5) IMG_0218(5) IMG_0217(5) IMG_0216(4) IMG_0215(4) IMG_0214(4) IMG_0213(4) IMG_0212(4) IMG_0211(4) IMG_0210(4) IMG_0208(4) IMG_0207(4) IMG_0206(4) IMG_0205(4) IMG_0204(4) IMG_0203(4) IMG_0202(4) IMG_0201(4) IMG_0200(4) IMG_0199(4) IMG_0198(4) IMG_0197(4) IMG_0196(4) IMG_0195(4) IMG_0194(4) IMG_0193(4) IMG_0192(4) IMG_0191(4) IMG_0190(4) IMG_0189(4) IMG_0188(4) IMG_0187(4) IMG_0186(4) IMG_0185(4) IMG_0184(5) IMG_0183(5) IMG_0182(5) IMG_0181(5) IMG_0180(4) IMG_0179(5) IMG_0178(5) IMG_0177(5) IMG_0176(5) IMG_0175(5) IMG_0174(5) IMG_0173(5) IMG_0172(5) IMG_0171(5) IMG_0170(5) IMG_0169(5) IMG_0168(5) IMG_0167(5) IMG_0166(5) IMG_0165(5) IMG_0164(4)