Conn 40B Connqueror Gold Plate Vocabell Trumpet FULLY ENGRAVED

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For sale is a Conn 40B Connqueror gold plated Vocabell trumpet.

This is an extremely rare and sought after holy grail fully art deco engraved golden era serial #286xxx trumpet.

Its a insanely rare occurrence for one of these to come around. 

Typically these models are showing up as cornets.  If they do show up as trumpets its typically the very simple engraved pattern, in silver plate or what not.  This is a gold plated fully engraved model which is what dreams are made of!

This trumpet is being sold as used and has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, dents, metal wear, gold plate wear, patina, repair marks and other anomalies associated with such an old horn.

Please check out picture numbers 11 & 12.  There horn has a handful of patches throughout the horn!

There are many pictures embedded in the description with closeups of these patches.

This horn ships with a non original case.

If you have been waiting for a fully engraved Conn to add to your collection please do not hesitate to buy and pay over we will ship out ASAP upon payment!

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