Conn 12m Naked Lady 270xxx Baritone Bari Sax RARE!

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For sale is an extremely rare 270xxx Conn 12m naked lady baritone sax!!!

Players have been searching out these Conn Golden Era Rolled tone hole baritones for a very long time!!

In general Conn baritones are some of the easiest playing Bari's you can buy.  They blow with little air needed.  Vintage horn guys just really really love everything about this era of Conns love to collect them!

This horn is a 270xx serial number which is as top tier as it gets!  In the hierarchy of collectibility on these Bari's this is it, there isn't a better serial number range then these guys!  

The horns is the Naked Lady 12m baritone saxophones have there bell keys on the same side...

This horn features rolled tone holes through out.

There really weren't to many of these naked lady Bari's made with rolled tone holes..   Once Conn switched to straight tone holes, in those coming years there were plenty of Bari's made but with straight tone holes...   During the golden era rolled tone hole, there's just a small amount of naked lady Bari's that exist.

This exact range baris are incredibly rare and incredibly valuable.  You may see other Conn Bari's sell for lower prices, but they are in a completely different league and category then this horn!

This horn is being sold as NOT WORKING and will REQUIRE a full pad job and mechanical overhaul to be as used properly!  This saxophone was re lacquer after the factory. This horn is an antique and throughout the horn has its fair share of scratches, Knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, metal wear, patina, repair marks, weld marks, and other anomalies associated with a horn thats literally been beat up its entire life!  Please pay attention to the pictures closely.  

If you have a favorite saxophone repair tech, for if you can do the work your self, this horn will be an extremely valuable piece and an amazing playing horn once its fully overhauled.

These horns are LOUD and PROUD!  The big thing about these Bari's  are they play like tenors!  If you get the work done on this horn you will be rewarded with a top tier professional Bari!

To elaborate a little more on the playability of these...  If you play alot of other Baris, such as almost every modern bari, or Mark VIs,..   Nearly every other baritone plays like a baritone.. It takes a huge amount of wind to pass through and make it all happen...   These old Conns on the other hand take air like a tenor sax, and really make playing on them a breeze once you get used to the key ergonomics!

Once again this horn will will require a full overhaul and pad job!

These serial horns dont pop up often so if your in the market for a bari please dont hesitate to purchase!  

Please buy and PayPal confidently, I will ship out ASAP upon purchase!

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