Conn 10m Transitional Silver Sonic Naked Lady Tenor Saxophone MUST SEE!

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For sale is a Conn 10m Transitional Silver Sonic tenor saxophone.

This saxophone has been frankenhorned and fully restored to be the beautiful 1 of a kind finished product seen here that absolutely crushes both form and function!

This saxophone started its life out as a prime golden era Conn transitional serial #259xxx with the highly sought after combo of final end run split bell keys + 10m naked lady engraving.

This horn was restored and crafted by the wonderful and mysterious WJ.  It seems that WJ was highly inspired by King Super 20s and took his shot of producing a Conn Sonic type piece.  Directly above the serial number there is a very high end and professionally designed and executed makers mark stamp.  Its extremely light and hard to make out, but its there in a very cool font.  Im not sure who even has the capabilities to make these so  If anyone has any information on who WJ is please let us know.

As part of the restoration the horns bell looks to be fully silver plated after the factory.  The bell is not solid silver, however its a beautiful lush thick coat of silver that left the factory engraving enact in great shape!  

The horn is very shiny and bright, as well so are our photo lights so its hard to photo the detail on the engraving but its very nice in the hands!

The original Conn neck was replaced with a solid silver factory Selmer neck!

This horn DOES NOT come with its original Conn neck!

This horn comes with a very rare and sought after solid silver Selmer neck. 

Back some 20 30+ years ago for a very limited time Selmer made these solid silver necks.  At the time there weren't as many players flocking to solid silver necks as today's interest so there were very few produced and sold.

When these Selmer necks come to market by them selves they sell and retail for a very heft fee by them selves!  Necks are not easy to make, and very expenesive to buy these days.  These necks have excellence design and craftsmanship + being solid silver and Selmer brand so they are very valuable piece.

A typical Conn 10m neck will not fit on this body in anyway what so ever.  The bodies female neck receiver appears to have been modified or changed out with a different receiver to fit flawlessly with the neck.  I could guess this may be a Selmer neck receiver to match the Selmer neck.

When you insert the neck onto the body, the neck fits with absolute perfection.  They seal perfectly and it feels like your putting a modern Yamaha 82z neck on its body or something with complete ease with that cshhhh tight seal sound.

Often times on these horns one of the first modification is to move the neck strap ring.  The factory location is very uncomfortable and by moving it a touch allows the angle to be extremely functional and playable.   The neck strap has been changed and moved on this horn.

The right hand thumb rest on these horns are typically pretty small and can hurt your finger.  This thumb rest has been upgraded with a Selmer style modern thumb rest which really helps to hold the horn.

To complete the horn the entire body, keys and parts were lacquered with some of the most beautiful lacquer ive seen.  The color is a dark honey that really looks nice and lush.  There is a two tone effect on the horn that is just awesome.  In the hands, out of our bright lights its rather lovely!  The lacquer has sealed over all the modifications creating a cohesive and complete product.

Overall this horn is a work of art and a true full restoration.  The horn was well thought out.  It must have taken quite some time and energy to find the most perfect #259xxx split bell key naked lady, find a solid silver Selmer neck, take all the time to silver plate the bell, finish the body, overhaul the horn and complete the project.

There's no doubt someone definitely spent alot of time, money and love on this horn.

While this saxophone was fully overhauled at one point, it appears to have just been sitting in its non original case for the last im not sure 5 or 10 years. 

The horn has a weird smell to it.  Its not a vintage musk, Im not sure how to describe it, more of a sweet smell most likely from just sitting in a case for however long.

I'm recommending a full COA clean oil adjust on this horn.

Once again the horn smells, plan on having it cleaned to fully finish the process and make a new home.

The horn is fully functional with all of the keys opening and closing just right.  The action is lighting speed clamping down hard, but again the horn smells so you will want to have your tech clean it!

A restoration like this today + Conn tenor + Selmer neck would be an insane amount of money.  This horn really is ultimate players 10m.  Its setup for the player that loves Conn 10ms, but also wants a slightly more modernized version of it that can be used as a main horn. 

The horn is an absolute beast.  I find this exact serial number era horns to be some of the loudest and most spread sounding horns ever produced.  THAT in combination with the solid silver neck truly makes this one of the most powerful sax combinations possibly known to mankind!

If you are interested the original #259xxx transitional Conn neck & matching neck tenon from this exact horn does exists.  It will be listed soon on an additional listing, not included with this sale.

There is only 1 of these in the world and when its gone its gone.  If you love this horn please do not hesitate to buy and pay over, we will ship ASAP upon payment!



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