Conn 10m Naked Lady Tenor Saxophone

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For sale is a gorgeous original lacquer Conn 10m Naked Lady tenor saxophone with its original case!

This is a prime example golden era Conn made shortly after the factory changed from round tone holes to straight tone holes!

This horn has beautiful factory engravings that are stunning in the hands.

This horn is being sold as parts not working and will require a full overhaul and pad job to be a fully working saxophone.  This horn has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, metal wear, patina, laq wear and other anomalies associated with such an old not working antique!

Once again, this horn will require a full pad job and overhaul!

This horn has straight tone holes!

Serial #354xxx

If you have a favorite tech and are looking for an original laq 10m please do not hesitate to buy and pay over I will ship ASAP upon payment!

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