Conn 10m Naked Lady Original Laqcuer Tenor Saxophone w/Warranty Card!

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For sale is a gorgeous Conn 10m Naked Lady tenor saxophone with its original case, case key, end plug, mouthpiece and warranty card!

This is an absolute prime example 316xxx golden era tenor with rolled tone holes!

This horn is extremely rare original lacquer and original engravings! 

Most 10ms from this era have been relaq.  Its very rare to find one of these original.  I have extremely powerful lights that shine against the saxophone curved reflection metal, but in the hands the engravings are extremely deep and sharp.  Its instantly apparent in the hands this horn is glorious original laq!

This horn is an extremely special piece and just comes with everything youd want.

This sax comes with its original purple lined case!  These are worth a pretty penny as is.

This horn has its original metal end plug.

The sax comes with its original mouthpiece!  Take a look at the mouthpiece pictures this is an extremely nice condition piece.

This horn comes with the extremely rare Conn Warranty Card!  This thing is just a little piece of cardboard, but after all of this time it hasn’t left the case and is still in great shape.  Im all about print paraphernalia with horns and this really makes it a special piece!

This horn is being sold as not working and is going to require a full overhaul and pad job to be a properly playing saxophone.  This horn has its fair share of scratches, Knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, metal wear of various colors, repair marks, and other anomalies associated with such a used old horn.  There’s a little octave guard missing shown in picture #12

Once again this horn will require a full pad job to be playing!

If you have been looking for a prime golden era Conn 10m this horn is just a gorgeous piece in a really special package with the warranty card, mouthpiece and case.   Please do not hesitate to buy and pay over I will ship ASAP upon payment!


Conn 10m


Rolled Tone Holes

Original Conn purple lined case

Original metal end plug

Original Conn mouthpiece

Original warranty card!!

Original case key

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