Buffet R13 A Clarinet KEY OF A w/Double Case!

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For sale is a Buffet Paris R13 professional A clarinet.

This is a key of A clarinet!

This is a modern R13 clarinet from around 2013 2014.

This clarinet comes with a Leblanc double clarinet case that fits an A & Bb.

Overall is is a very nice condition clarinet, however this is a used instrument that does have scratches, wood wear, various used marks etc. 

Please check out picture #12, there is a small imperfection on the metal bell ring.

Buffet Key of A clarinets hold there value extremely well, and this is a very nice piece.

If you have been thinking of a key of A please buy and pay confidently we will ship ASAP upon payment!IMG_1139(2) IMG_1138(2) IMG_1137(2) IMG_1136(2) IMG_1135(2) IMG_1134(2) IMG_1133(2) IMG_1132(2) IMG_1131(2) IMG_1130(2) IMG_1129(2) IMG_1128(2) IMG_1127(2) IMG_1126(2) IMG_1125 IMG_1124 IMG_1123 IMG_1122(2) IMG_1121(2) IMG_1120(2) IMG_1119(2) IMG_1118(2) IMG_1117(2) IMG_1116(2) IMG_1115(2) IMG_1114(2) IMG_1113(2) IMG_1112(2) IMG_1111(2) IMG_1110(2) IMG_1109(2) IMG_1108(2) IMG_1107(2) IMG_1106(2) IMG_1105(2) IMG_1104(2) IMG_1103(2) IMG_1102(2) IMG_1101(2) IMG_1100(2) IMG_1099(2) IMG_1098(2) IMG_1097(2) IMG_1096(2) IMG_1095(2) IMG_1094(2) IMG_1093(2) IMG_1092(2) IMG_1091(2) IMG_1090(2) IMG_1089(2) IMG_1088(2) IMG_1087(2) IMG_1086(2) IMG_1085(2) IMG_1084(2) IMG_1083(2) IMG_1082(2) IMG_1081(2) IMG_1080(2) IMG_1079(2) IMG_1078(2) IMG_1077(2) IMG_1076(2) IMG_1075(2) IMG_1074(2) IMG_1073(2) IMG_1072(2) IMG_1071(2) IMG_1070(2) IMG_1069(2) IMG_1068(2) IMG_1067(2) IMG_1066(2)