Buffet Key of C Clarinet

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For sale is a beautiful Buffet key of C clarinet

Buffet experts please message me!  Im trying to figure out EXACTLY what this clarinet is and any history on it.

I think this is a Key of C buffet, or could it be key of D?

The total length is exactly 20 inches.

The barrel appears to take a normal Bb clarinet mouthpiece

If you have any info please message me, thanks!

This a very special Paris made Niche instrument from pre 1950!

The bodies have matching serial numbers.

All things considering from what I typically see from this era the clarinet is in pretty decent condition.  That being said im selling this as used and has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, wood wear, wood patina.  As with all vintage clarinets you should assume some level of untreated wood that may have small cracks and other anomalies associated with used older wood clarinets.

This clarinet comes with no case.  Each piece will be packaged flawlessly with new bubble wrap and packing materials!

Please do not hesitate to buy and pay over!
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