Buescher Harwood Curved Soprano RARE ENGRAVING!

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For sale is a Buescher made Harwood logo curved soprano saxophone with its original case mouthpiece and ligature!

This is an extremely rare horn serial #121xxx from the golden era of Buescher horns.

This horn was built proud in the USA by the Buescher company made for the Harwood company.

This horn has a very special two toned silver plated body with gold plated keys finish keys.  The bell is also gold plate inner washed! 

This horn has absolutely awesome elaborate USA Buescher factory engraving.

Its truly a gem to find a Buescher with any engraving, and to find engraving this deep and popping on the eyes, creates a visual on this horn thats incredible on the eyes!

That combo of rare engraving + gold/silver finish makes this an extremely rare horn to pop up.

This horn comes with its original purple lined case.

This horn comes with its original mouthpiece with "S" stamped for soprano ligature and cap.

While this horn is mostly all together Im going to recommend a pad job and overhaul on it.  While the horn doesn't really need to be cleaned or anything to extensive theirs never going to be anything like a brand new pad job, and this horn is sitting on old pads.

Please check out picture #12 you can see a small ding dent crink in the neck.  Id recommend having your tech take it out during the overhaul! 

If you have been looking to pick up a cool curved soprano this is an extremely cool piece priced to sell so please buy and pay confidently!


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