Brilhart BB Ligature & Saxophone Mouthpiece Collection!

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For sale is a very special Brilhart ligature and mouthpiece collection!

Included are the following 5x ligatures and 5x mouthpieces -

Brilhart Streamline tenor saxophone mouthpiece serial #4071 with matching serial number box, BB screw ST ligature and ST cap!

Brilhart Streamline tenor saxophone mouthpiece serial #4082 with non matching box, & BB screw ST ligature!

Brilhart designed by Ebolin alto saxophone mouthpiece serial #9337 with matching serial number box, BB screw AL ligature and AL cap!

Brilhart Personaline Model B tenor saxophone mouthpiece serial #17,597 with matching serial number box!

Brilhart Level Air tenor saxophone mouthpiece serial #7019 with matching serial number box ligature and cap!

Brilhart tan plate, black screw alto saxophone ligature with matching cap! 

It would be a very rare find to get even just 1 BB screw ligature, but 3x at once is just unheard of!

There are many interesting takeaways and thoughts on the mouthpieces but one of the coolest things is on the 2x early Streamline tenors they are actually brother sister mouthpieces just 11 serial numbers apart, both with matching BB ST ligatures, sort of a mind blowing thing!

This collection is being sold as used and art antiques with scratches, knicks, dings, fleabites, metal wear, patina, and other anomalies associated with antiques! 

This is a very special collection so if you are a Brilhart lover please buy and pay confidently we will ship ASAP upon payment!

IMG_5423(4) IMG_5410(4) IMG_5399(4) IMG_5395(4) IMG_5391(5) IMG_5382(3) IMG_5378(4) IMG_5373(5) IMG_5413(3) IMG_5388(4)IMG_5612(2) IMG_5607(3) IMG_5604(3) IMG_5598(3) IMG_5595(3) IMG_5593(3) IMG_5583(3) IMG_5580(3) IMG_5578(3) IMG_5573(3) IMG_5569(3) IMG_5567(3) IMG_5560(3) IMG_5529(3) IMG_5522(3) IMG_5521(3) IMG_5515(4) IMG_5507(5) IMG_5506(4) IMG_5496(4) IMG_5495(4) IMG_5490(4) IMG_5479(4) IMG_5470(5) IMG_5443(4) IMG_5437(5) IMG_5436(4) IMG_5435(4) IMG_5432(4) IMG_5429(4) IMG_5427(4) IMG_5423(4) IMG_5417(3) IMG_5410(4) IMG_5403(4) IMG_5399(4) IMG_5395(4) IMG_5391(5) IMG_5384(4) IMG_5382(3) IMG_5381(4) IMG_5378(4) IMG_5376(4) IMG_5373(5) IMG_5369(5) IMG_5365(5) IMG_5617(2) IMG_5616(2) IMG_5615(2) IMG_5614(2) IMG_5613(2) IMG_5612(1) IMG_5611(2) IMG_5610(2) IMG_5609(2) IMG_5608(2) IMG_5607(2) IMG_5606(2) IMG_5605(2) IMG_5604(2) IMG_5602(2) IMG_5601(2) IMG_5600(2) IMG_5599(2) IMG_5598(2) IMG_5597(2) IMG_5596(2) IMG_5595(2) IMG_5594(2) IMG_5593(2) IMG_5592(2) IMG_5591(2) IMG_5590(2) IMG_5589(2) IMG_5588(2) IMG_5587(2) IMG_5586(2) IMG_5585(2) IMG_5584(2) IMG_5583(2) IMG_5582(2) IMG_5581(2) IMG_5580(2) IMG_5579(2) IMG_5578(2) IMG_5577(2) IMG_5576(2) IMG_5575(2) IMG_5574(2) IMG_5573(2) IMG_5572(2) IMG_5571(2) IMG_5570(2) IMG_5569(2) IMG_5568(2) IMG_5567(2) IMG_5566(2) IMG_5564(2) IMG_5562(2) IMG_5561(2) IMG_5560(2) IMG_5558(2) IMG_5557(2) IMG_5556(2) IMG_5555(2) IMG_5554(2) IMG_5553(1) IMG_5552(2) IMG_5551(1) IMG_5550(2) IMG_5549(1) IMG_5548(2) IMG_5544(1) IMG_5543(2) IMG_5542(2) IMG_5541(2) IMG_5540(2) IMG_5539(2) IMG_5538(2) IMG_5537(2) IMG_5536(2) IMG_5535(2) IMG_5534(2) IMG_5533(2) IMG_5532(2) IMG_5531(2) IMG_5530(2) IMG_5529(2) IMG_5528(2) IMG_5527(2) IMG_5526(2) IMG_5525(2) IMG_5524(2) IMG_5523(2) IMG_5522(2) IMG_5521(2) IMG_5520(2) IMG_5519(2) IMG_5518(2) IMG_5515(3) IMG_5514(3) IMG_5513(3) IMG_5512(3) IMG_5511(3) IMG_5510(4) IMG_5509(3) IMG_5508(5) IMG_5507(4) IMG_5506(3) IMG_5505(3) IMG_5504(4) IMG_5503(3) IMG_5502(4) IMG_5501(4) IMG_5500(4) IMG_5499(3) IMG_5498(2) IMG_5497(3) IMG_5496(3) IMG_5495(3) IMG_5494(3) IMG_5493(3) IMG_5492(3) IMG_5491(3) IMG_5490(3) IMG_5489(3) IMG_5488(3) IMG_5487(3) IMG_5486(3) IMG_5485(2) IMG_5484(2) IMG_5483(2) IMG_5482(3) IMG_5481(3) IMG_5480(3) IMG_5479(3) IMG_5470(4) IMG_5469(3) IMG_5468(3) IMG_5467(3) IMG_5466(4) IMG_5465(3) IMG_5464(4) IMG_5463(2) IMG_5462(3) IMG_5461(4) IMG_5460(4) IMG_5459(4) IMG_5458(4) IMG_5457(3) IMG_5456(3) IMG_5455(3) IMG_5454(3) IMG_5453(3) IMG_5452(3) IMG_5451(3) IMG_5450(3) IMG_5449(3) IMG_5448(4) IMG_5447(4) IMG_5446(3) IMG_5445(3) IMG_5444(3) IMG_5443(3) IMG_5442(4) IMG_5441(3) IMG_5440(3) IMG_5439(3) IMG_5437(4) IMG_5436(3) IMG_5435(3) IMG_5434(3) IMG_5433(4) IMG_5432(3) IMG_5431(3) IMG_5430(2) IMG_5429(3) IMG_5428(4) IMG_5427(3) IMG_5426(3) IMG_5425(3) IMG_5424(3) IMG_5423(3) IMG_5419(3) IMG_5418(3) IMG_5417(2) IMG_5416(3) IMG_5414(3) IMG_5413(3) IMG_5411(3) IMG_5410(3) IMG_5409(3) IMG_5408(3) IMG_5407(3) IMG_5406(2) IMG_5405(2) IMG_5404(2) IMG_5403(3) IMG_5402(3) IMG_5401(3) IMG_5400(3) IMG_5399(3) IMG_5398(3) IMG_5395(3) IMG_5394(4) IMG_5392(2) IMG_5391(4) IMG_5390(3) IMG_5389(3) IMG_5388(4) IMG_5387(3) IMG_5386(3) IMG_5385(3) IMG_5384(3) IMG_5383(3) IMG_5382(2) IMG_5381(3) IMG_5379(3) IMG_5378(3) IMG_5376(3) IMG_5374(4) IMG_5373(4) IMG_5372(4) IMG_5371(4) IMG_5369(4) IMG_5368(3) IMG_5367(3) IMG_5366(3) IMG_5365(4) IMG_5363(3) IMG_5362(3) IMG_5361(3)