Berg Larsen 130 Offset Vintage Tenor Sax Mouthpiece w/ T Lig WOW HOLY GRAIL!

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For sale is a vintage Berg Larsen 130 2 M offset tenor saxophone mouthpiece with ligature!!

Yes this is the real deal absolutely killer playing 130 offset Berg!

Take a look at the stamping, the "M" for medium chamber its all the to the right, offset from the rest of the numbers.  Way back when Berg Larsen was stamping these all the way over to the right, these are known as the offset vintage and are prime era Berg Larsen.  After this era the M stamping appears directly under the rest of the stamping which is how they have been doing it to date.

Its unbelievably rare to find any offset Berg Larsen, let alone a 130 opening!  Offset 130 openings are extremely sought after and held closely as some of the best mouthpiece ever made by many players and collectors.

This mouthpiece is extremely loud and powerful and just tears the paint off the walls YET its really not that bright!

This mouthpiece feels bright, as far is as its extremely easy to get a huge tone.  It rips up and down the horn like a right mouthpiece but its actually got this huge lush broad darker core tone paired with it.

This mouthpiece comes with a valuable ligature.  The ligature is "T" stamped for tenor and is the proper ligature to come with the mouthpiece.

Take look at the tables facing marks, the tip, the baffle, it all looks just right on!

This mouthpiece is being sold as used and is an extremely old antique.  While this is a fantastic playing mouthpiece physically the mouthpiece has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, fleabites, patina, metal wear, bite marks, tarnish, and other anomalies associated with a used vintage mouthpiece that was put in someones mouth and bit on for while being played.

If you have been looking for a Berg Larsen 130 this is a prime piece ready to become someones main piece and used for a life time to come.  I think the next owner is going to really love this piece and cherish it.

Im still shipping and have all materials on hand to ship and get your mouthpiece out to ya ASAP!

Please buy and PayPal confidently I will ship asap upon payment.