Beechler Gold Plated GP #9 Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece w/Lig & Cap

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For sale is an extremely high and end clean Beechler #9 gold plated tenor saxophone mouthpiece with its matching ligature cap and bag!

This is the real deal Beechler that actually gold plated top to bottom, as is the ligature!

If you haven't held these the cap that comes with them is actually a metal cap that fits perfectly.  It looks almost plastic but its a very high quality metal.

This comes with its matching ligature that fits perfectly and by them selves function great and are worth a pretty penny!

These mouthpiece are currently out of production!

You cannot just go and buy one of these new.

These mouthpiece are such incredible players that most people play them hard and they are in very used shape.  This mouthpiece is in rather awesome shape and thats a huge plus!

This mouthpiece is being sold as used and has scratches, knicks, fleabites, metal wear, tarnish and other anomalies associated with a used mouthpiece.

If you have been looking for a Beechler please do not hesitate to buy and pay over I will ship ASAP upon payment!