API 3124+ 4 Channel Mic Preamp Minty Condition w/API BOX!

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For sale is an API 3124+ 4 channel mic preamp in excellent condition!

These units are fantastic industry standard units.  It doesn't get much better then your classic API pre packaged in 1 U rack space but with 4x pres!  

These really sound great and function recording inn just right. 

APIs are built strong and tough.  The cases are rock solid!  The buttons and units are simple and built well.  They last forever and there are few moving parts to break.

When you look at what else is on the market in this price range nothing comes close to the API for the price of 4 pre's in one by a major legacy brand.

These units continue to crawl up in price and are sure to hold your investment well.

This unit is being sold as used however is in excellent condition.  There is some typical very light surface scratching, smudging and very minor rack wear.

If you look in close on the rack its in better condition then you typically find these.

This unit comes with API cardboard box, power cord and inspection tag.

If you need one of these we are prepared to package and ship this out literally ASAP to you so please buy and pay confidently!