AKG C414 EB Vintage Microphone w/ C12 Brass Capsule!

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For sale is fantastic vintage AKG C414 EB with C12 bass capsule!

This is a real deal great condition C414 EB that sounds detail and crisp!

This mic comes with an AKG case and matching AKG swivel mount.  I doubt these are original to the mic, but they will help!

This mic sound absolutely great and records with a great ultra precision sound.  This mic pics up extremely small details and sounds great!

This mic will sound great on vocals, saxophones, brass section, acoustic guitar, etc. 

With these old AKG when you switch the mic pattern you will get a split second of noise which is pretty standard for these old vintage mics.

This mic is being sold as used and has scratches, patina, metal wear, and other anomalies associated with a used mic!  You can see there was a piece of tape left on at one point which has left a patina mark of the outside of it.

If you have been looking a C414 EB please buy and pay confidently I will ship ASAP upon payment!

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