AKG C414 EB Pair 2x Vintage Microphone w/ C12 Brass Capsule!

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For sale is gorgeous vintage pair of AKG C414 EB with C12 bass capsule!

This is a real deal great condition early serial number 2x pair of C414s that sounds fantastic!

These mics come with its original AKG mic case as well matching AKG swivel mounts! 

These mic's sound absolutely great and records with a great ultra precision sound. 

These mic pick up extremely small details and overall sounds great! 

These mics are great on lead vocals, backup vocals, saxophones, brass/horns section, acoustic guitar, electric guitar amps, drum overheads, pretty much anything!

These mics are swiss army knifes of the studio!

These mics is being sold as used and has scratches, patina, metal wear, and other anomalies associated with a used mic! 

You can see on one of the mics there was a piece of tape left on at one point which has left a patina mark of the outside of it. 

One of the mics has a small divot on the top of the original grill.  These mics typically have all sorts of dings and press in's on the grill but I want to be upfront pictured clearly!

If you have been looking to invest in a quality C414 EB please buy and pay confidently I will ship ASAP upon payment!

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