Brent Averill Neve 1073 Clone Preamp Pair w/Carnhill Transformers

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For sale is a pair of 2 Brent Averill 1073 preamps!!

These are prime era examples of vintage Brent Averill 1073 pre's with Carnhill transformers.

It does not get better then these right here!  These are not the current production BAE 1073s rather these are the vintage hand made fully spelt out labeled "Brent Averill" from prior to Brent's sell out and the formulation of BAE.

These are highly coveted preamps and it doesnt get much better then them sonically!

Brent Averill was an absolute genius and most studio's and top engineers will testify that these are the closet thing your getting to 100% real deal vintage Neve 1073s.

These were hand made in Sherman Oaks, California by the legendary Brent Averill.  These were meticulously crafted and put together.

I really cant say enough for how amazing these things sound.  Ive got a full rack of these identical are there just perfect on any source you have!

This pair is approximately 8 digits apart making this as close as you going to get to a matched stereo pair of these short of finding then 1 digit apart!

These are very very very rare to pop up these days.  You will find most owners wont dream of selling these, and if they do let them go they have a short list of friends waiting to get them.

Ive been following these very closely for a long time and the list pair to come to market was over 1 year ago.

Unfortunately Brent has passed away just a few months ago so I guess we are guaranteed no resurgence of this line :(

Typically when these surface they are standard used and abused, rack rash, maybe patina build up, other used marks which are all fine.

This pair is in fantastic condition.  Theres very little marking around the screw holes and while theres some scratching and surface marks, its really rare to find these in this condition.

The power supply is included however you will need to supply your own $10 IEC cable!

Regardless if your going direct into the useful front DI for guitar, bass, synths, or wether your recording vocals, saxophone, horns, piano, drums, etc, these are about as good as money can by for studio pre amps.

Buy this pair and you will be able to happily use these the rest of your life and feel absolutely confident about your tonal choices!

Please buy and pay confidently I will shop out ASAP upon payment!

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