Yamaha YTS 61 Tenor Saxophone

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For sale is a Yamaha YTS 61 Tenor Saxophone

The Yamaha 61 was the predecessor to the current professional model Yamaha 62!  These saxophones are fantastic Japanese built horns that sound amazing and play great!

While there are many fantastic affordable alto saxophone options, when it comes to tenor saxophones its really quiet expensive to get into a nice horn.

Im confident this horn is priced right in the pocket to sell priced as is sooner rather then later!

This is a perfect option for an affordable tenor!  Professional tenor sound and feel at the price of a student tenor.

When you compare  everything else in this price range theirs alot of very cheap and poor made modern horns made.  Horns made of low quality parts made to be as cheap as possible student horns.  This horn is not one of those, these were built with great starting materials, attention to detail and complete Yamaha craftsmanship from the bottom to top.

This saxophone is being sold as used and has an extremely strong patina throughout the entire saxophone.  This sax has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, dents, repair marks, weld marks, fleabites, red metal wear, and other anomalies associated with such a used horn.  This saxophone has no Yamaha logo on the bell.

Once again this saxophone has no Yamaha logo on the bell!  The horn says Yamaha YTS 61 right above the serial number, and you can see the Yamaha branded logo on both the bell to body brace and the neck!

As well once again this saxophone has an extremely strong patina and many might think this is a very ugly, very used saxophone.

All that being said, that's why im pricing this so competitively ready to sell.  The pads are in great shape and the horn is going to work out very well for its new owner!

Please buy and pay confidently I will ship ASAP upon payment!

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